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Mayor Rick Chrest

Mayor Rick ChrestPhone: (204) 729-2202

Address: 410 - 9th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 6A2

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Born and raised in Brandon’s East End, Mayor Rick Chrest was elected as the 32nd Mayor of the City of Brandon on October 22, 2014 and was acclaimed to a second term on October 24, 2018.. Rick served 3 terms on City Council from 1995 to 2006 as Councillor for University Ward; 8 of those years as Deputy Mayor. He is excited to return to Civic Government and has used his past Council experience to give him a fast start in re-emerging into every aspect of the City of Brandon.

The Chrest family roots in Brandon date back to 1912 as his grandfather and father were in the dry cleaning business on Rosser Avenue for 40 years, a family history Rick is extremely proud of. Rick’s love of this City is evident in his lifelong involvement as a community booster and volunteer having served with countless boards, committees and organizations in business, arts, and charitable endeavors. His election as Mayor embodied his desire to embrace fiscal responsibility, a “back to the basics” approach to civic operations, proactive economic development and a passion to make Brandon a City full of opportunity and diversity.

Prior to his election as Mayor, Rick has had a strong background in management, business and community affairs. He has previously served as General Manager of both the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and the Keystone Centre and while he owns a local franchised furniture store, he has withdrawn from day to day involvement there to focus full time on the role of Mayor.

On a personal basis, Rick is most proud and involved in his family. His wife Karen is also well known for her community, media and performing arts endeavors and together they have three children. Kaitlin is a practicing Social Worker in BC, and twins Dylan and Brett are attending Brandon University. The family have frequented stages in community theatre, dance and choir and Mayor Chrest himself has hit the stage in numerous musical theatre productions in Brandon. His past athletic endeavors in football, baseball, basketball and others keeps him keenly interested in sports and he continues to downhill ski on occasion. Fun fact about Brandon’s Mayor; Rick regularly attends “Cattle Drives” in Montana keeping up his skills as a part-time Cowboy!

Currently Mayor Chrest sits on several Boards and Committees including Brandon Police Board, Brandon Planning, City Personnel Committee, City Audit and Finance Committee, Brandon Downtown Development Board and the Leadership Group for the Keystone Centre.

Mayor Rick Chrest is extremely excited and optimistic about the future of our great City of Brandon. He maintains contact with groups and individuals of all walks of life and is a very open and approachable person. “I am thrilled to be Brandon’s Mayor and I look forward to working with all Brandonites to make Brandon the Greatest Little City in Canada!”