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Home Business Application

PDF Icon Application for Home Based Business License (579.81 KB)

To operate a business out of your residence, you need to first obtain two approvals:

  1. The first is a development permit. A development permit, issued by the Planning, Property and Buildings Department, allows business activities to be conducted from a residential property under the Zoning By-law.
  2. The second is a business license. A business license, issued by the Licensing Department, legally allows you to operate a business.

If you are establishing a new business in your residence, or you are changing the parameters of your existing business (e.g. change of address, changing the number of clients on your residential property), you must complete the Home-Based Business Application Form.  The application form must be submitted to the Planning, Property, and Buildings Department at the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex, 638 Princess Avenue.

Depending on the proposed business, the Licensing Department may require a copy of your license as issued by the Province of Manitoba.

Please contact the Planning, Property and Buildings Department at 204-729-2110 for more information.


General Business Application

PDF Icon Application for General Business License (117 KB)

Please use the General Business Form for the following licenses:

  • Commercial Pawn Broker
  • Craft Show Special Business License
  • Crafter Special Business License
  • Direct Seller (Ex: Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc.)
  • Public Trade Show Special Business License
  • Solicitation
  • Business Registration Second Hand Dealer
  • General Business Other, Regional or Transient


Contact Information:


Food Truck Application

pdf Food Truck License Application (189.54 KB)

Food Truck Program

Contact Information:


Dog & Cat Registration

All dogs and cats (whether indoor pets or not) must be registered with the City of Brandon annually and the license year runs from January to December. However, new pets do not require registration until they are old enough for a rabies shot and/or six months of age.

Required documentation is as follows:

  • A current rabies certificate from the veterinarian (must be shown each and every year).
  • If the pet is neutered or spayed, veterinarian proof must be shown as well.

The current fees are as indicated below:

  • A sterile dog or cat has an annual fee of $21.00 per dog or cat (within a limit of 2), and $42.00 per dog or cat (over limit of 2)
  • Unsterilized pets have an annual fee of $57.50 per dog or cat (within a limit of 2), and $115.00 per dog or cat (over the limit of 2)

(The fee schedule may change from time to time and will supersede all rates indicated.)

Need further help?
Contact the Licensing Section at:

Telephone: (204) 729-2230

Fax: (204) 726-8546 (attention: Licensing Section) Raffle Lottery Draws

Any charitable (non-profit) organization who intends to sell tickets as a fundraising effort for the benefit of the community must apply for a raffle license to hold these draws.

As of January 1, 2007, application inquiries for raffle licenses can be directed to the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission at 204-726-6923, Rm. 328, 340-9th Street, Brandon, MB or in Winnipeg at 1-800-782-0363.