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Search For Plans Request

The City of Brandon may be able to provide historical information for building permits and plans from the records kept for our business purposes.  For the initial search, applicants are charged a non-refundable search fee for staff pulling records from the Development Services archives.  Based on what is located, additional charges for copies of plans/records will be assessed, payment being required prior to the copying work being started. There is an approximate 21 business day turnaround on search requests and search requests are completed in the order they are received.

Administration Fees 2024:
Search for Plans/Records – per record: $60.00
Copying of Plans – paper copy: $140.00
Scanning of Plans – electronic copy: $115.00

To request a building record/plan search, fill out the PDF Logo request form (44 KB) and email it to


City of Brandon Development Services Property Related Search Requests

PDF Logo Property Related Search Requests Form (81 KB)

The City of Brandon’s annual Fee Schedule determines all fees associated with the services listed below: 

Lawful Non-Conformity Application
A Certificate of Legal Non-Conformity provides conclusive evidence that the building, parcel, use of the land, or intensity of the use was lawfully in existence before the enactment of the current edition of the City of Brandon Zoning By-law.

Zoning Memorandum Request
A Zoning Memorandum is a written letter that identifies conformance/non-conformance of the City of Brandon Zoning By-law’s siting requirements for all buildings and structures identified on a survey of the property in question, formally known as a Surveyor’s Building Location Certificate. Turnaround time is approximately ten business days.

Zoning Confirmation Request
The purpose of a Zoning Confirmation is to verify, in writing, the land use designation under the Development Plan, zoning under the City of Brandon Zoning By-law, and any Secondary Plan designations, if applicable, on a specific site. Turnaround time is approximately ten business days.

Occupancy Confirmation Request 
The purpose of an Occupancy Confirmation is to confirm, in writing, the number of dwelling units legally established on a property.

Outstanding Work Order Search
An Outstanding Work Order search provides written confirmation of the existence of open issues on a property specific to building or development permits, legal orders from the Planning & Buildings Department, site deficiencies, and a Land Development Review. Additional detailed information may be provided with a formal request and owner authorization.

Land Development Review Request
A Land Development Review provides a comprehensive review and detailed outline of any City agreements that may be registered on title, supplies a confirmation of compliance or default of any agreements if applicable, and a notification of option to discharge if applicable. Examples of City agreements include, but are not limited to, development agreements, easement agreements, and conforming construction agreements.

Driveway and Access Information
Currently, Development Services does not have a search process to confirm or verify driveways or access approaches.  Written requests for this information may be emailed to


Searches Beyond Those Available From Development Services 

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services - Fire Inspection Report
A fire inspection report is generated once a property has been inspected by a fire inspector.  Requests are received from individuals looking to buy a property in order to see if there are any unsatisfactory items outstanding as of the last fire inspection.  Once BF&ES receives authorization from the building owner, the most recent fire inspection report may be released.
Fire Prevention Officer Joe Szabo          204-729-2414    

City of Brandon - Finance Department
Tax Certificate
A binding document which includes information on Property Tax levies, outstanding balances, local improvement charges, municipal and legal address, title number(s), and associated utility accounts. The fee for a tax certificate is set by the City of Brandon’s annual Fee Schedule. Tax certificates may be ordered online at

Tax Statement
A listing of the transactions on a property tax account for a defined period of time. Transactions include annual and supplemental levies, interest/penalty charges, transfers to the tax account, and payments received. A summary of these transactions for the previous four years is also part of this report.
To request a copy please email or call 204-729-2228. A fee may be applicable as per the Fee Schedule.

Levy/Invoice Reprints
A copy of a bill may be requested to the appropriate department via email or telephone. This includes property tax levies and/or water (utility) invoices. A fee for document reproduction may apply as per the Fee Schedule.
Property Taxes                  204-729-2228
Water (Utilities) Billing     204-729-2262

Final Water Bill
For real estate transactions, a final water bill may be requested for the selling party. This request must either be in writing or by online submission at

Province of Manitoba
The Public Health Act File SearchManitoba Health Protection Unit               1-855-236-1566

Environmental File Search
File search is the examination of files that may be contained within the Environmental Management System database and other information tracking systems.
Manitoba Conservation and Climate        204-945-8321