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Along with ensuring municipal services and programs are delivered with expediency, efficiency and with our core value of service to community top-of-mind, your 2018-2022 Brandon City Council has placed specific focus on the strategic areas of economic development, recreation and greenspaces, infrastructure investments, downtown resurgence, social partnerships and fiscal sustainability.

To move forward in these six key areas, specific strategies for success are being developed and woven into departmental work plans, and will be given extra consideration in the planning and implementation of annual budgets. The integral philosophies of bold innovation and environmental sustainability will also be incorporated across the City of Brandon’s organizational culture to help achieve success in these important areas of focus.

Brandon City Council looks forward to sharing successes in all areas of its strategic plan with the community each year!


Economic Development

Council supports a re-focus of Economic Development Brandon’s responsibilities and resources to be more purely fixed on economic development. Leveraging Brandon’s existing Economic Growth Strategy, its East Brandon Industrial Development Strategy, and the community’s Aboriginal Economic Development Strategy, Council will lead the creation of a community-wide economic strategy with a true “Team Brandon” approach to determine priority areas and projects. Council will also work to strengthen existing relationships with provincial and federal governments to ensure strategic efforts at those levels are targeted at strategic industrial growth, diversity of jobs, and innovation.

Recreation & Greenspaces

The City of Brandon’s new Recreation & Community Facilities Master Plan has established an exciting and robust blueprint for the future of community recreation, placing more emphasis on the areas of governance, higher levels of service, and program and facility investment. Council has supported a restructure & refocus of the corporation’s Parks & Recreation service delivery that will place more focus on better access to and coordination of existing programs, the  development of new programs to meet the needs of the community, and stronger community partnerships.  Council will also oversee the development of a long-term recreational capital and operations program in order to plan for new facilities, with priority placed on a new outdoor multi-sport complex and the examination of a potential future outdoor aquatics complex.


Infrastructure maintenance and renewal remains as one of City Council’s main priorities, with continued increasing levels of investments made above and below the ground (roads, sidewalks, back lanes, sewer and water utilities), as prioritized by Brandon’s detailed Asset Management Strategy. Specific focus has been placed on the multi-year renewal of the municipal water treatment plant – a phased project for which construction began in the fall of 2019 and is estimated to require $100 million-plus dollars in capital investment by the time it is completed several years from now.

Social Partnerships

Council continues to advocate for community-wide responsiveness when it comes to addressing the complex social challenges facing Brandon, including those related to addictions, mental health, affordable housing and homelessness, specialized youth housing and the impact it has on policing resources, community inclusion and safety, and crime reduction. While Council recognizes that the lion’s share of responsibility for many of these social programs rest with senior levels of government, collaboration with those levels of government and local agencies is key to ensuring all members of our community can thrive.

Downtown Resurgence

Council continues to lend its support to the efforts of motivated proponents of downtown development and will continue to channel resources into the work of the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation. Strategies around community safety, empty storefronts, signage, event hosting, and the 8th Street active transportation corridor will be explored, and work will continue to introduce new comfort amenities such as public washrooms and pet-friendly environments into the downtown.

Fiscal Sustainability

Tax control and fiscal prudence are perpetual responsibilities of Brandon City Council; however, your 2018-2022 Council has placed extra emphasis at looking at alternative revenue sources outside of the traditional municipal tax base and extra focus on sound labour strategies and training and development opportunities that best leverage staff time and talents.


Questions on the 2018-2022 Brandon City Council’s Strategic Plan are welcomed by Mayor and Council.  You can find contact information for Brandon City Council here.


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