City Hall

Appeal Process

Requests for funding through the Accommodation Tax Program are reviewed by the Director of Economic Development who in turn approves funding (up to $20,000) or formulates a recommendation (over $20,000) for Brandon City Council.

Should an applicant be unhappy with the Director of Economic Development’s approval or recommendation to Council, they may request to appear as a delegation at the same meeting in which their funding request will be reviewed by Council to state their case and request Council consider approving an Accommodation Tax grant that differs from the Director of Economic Development’s recommendation.  

A request to appear as a delegation can be made online or by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 204 - 729 - 2296. Please note there is a deadline for requesting to appear as a delegation.

Once City Council has approved an Accommodation Tax grant there is no appeal process for their decision, as City Council is the final approving body for all Accommodation Tax grants.