City Hall

Office of the City Manager / Chief Administrative Officer

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer (CAO) for The City of Brandon Corporation and reports directly to City Council. The City Manager is an appointed official of Council and is the main liaison between Council and Administration. It is the City Manager’s role to assist Council in setting the direction of the City by providing guidance and advice based on trends and best practices in other jurisdictions. This position works closely with counterparts in local government, as well as with Federal and Provincial government officials on a variety of issues affecting Brandon.

The City Manager maintains strong ties with local business and community organizations. This position is closely connected to the community at large and seeks feedback to ensure the City is providing relevant services. The City Manager is responsible for ensuring that the affairs of the City are carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation, policies, or plans established by Federal, Provincial, or local government.

The City Manager’s role and duties are legislated by the Provincial Municipal Act, with specific duties for the corporation further assigned as per the City Manager By-law No. 6505. Many of these responsibilities and corresponding authorities have been delegated to the appropriate department heads by way of delegation letters to help ensure efficient and effective service delivery to our citizens.


Organization Structure

The City Manager leads the senior management team who provides overall corporate leadership to the corporation. This position is responsible for overseeing the following civic divisions and departments:


City Managers Division

  • Human Resources Department, Legislative Services Department, Economic Development, Fire & Emergency Services, and Finance.


Corporate Services Division

  • Emergency Communications, Innovation, Technology & Communications, Risk & Emergency Management, Affordable Housing & Wellness, Capital & Business Planning


Operational Services Division

  • Transportation Services, Parks & Recreation Services, Public Works, Utilities


Development Services Division

  • Planning & Buildings, Engineering & Major Projects


Brandon Police Board / Brandon Police Service

The City Manager is a member of the Brandon Police Board which is established under Provincial legislation to provide direction for the Brandon Police Service.


City Org Chart

PDF Icon City of Brandon Organizational Chart (360 KB)