Snow Clearing Zone Maps

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Snowfall amount, density of snow, humidity, rising or falling temperatures, wind velocity and direction along with the time of year, all play a part in how the City’s Public Works Department responds to any particular snow event. If a Citywide plowing program is implemented, it will be completed immediately after a snow event.

In the event of an emergency, snow plowing equipment will be diverted in order to assist police, fire or ambulance emergency vehicles as required.

Driveway approach clearing will be taking place as well, but may not be completed immediately after plowing.

The City of Brandon Public Works Department bases its response to winter snow events on the following principles:

  • That City streets remain passable and are returned to safe winter driving conditions as soon as possible;
  • That the Public Works Department response is tailored to the nature and magnitude of the snow event and the necessary resources immediately made available;
  • That City streets are cleared in a priority order, which is based on the classification and volume of traffic using each street.


During any snow event the Public Works Department appreciates your cooperation, please be patient, we will get to your street as soon as possible.