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2021 Proposed Budget

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Mayor Rick Chrest Provides a Statement for the Proposed 2021 Budget

mayor budget

We are grateful for the numerous comments provided regarding the upcoming 2021 budget deliberations. The most common theme of the feedback has been the concern for what is being described as “the proposed tax increase”. Understandably, most citizens do not welcome increases in their tax expenses which is a sentiment shared by myself, City Council and administration alike. To that end, our process merits a little additional information and context. It has long been the practice in preparing each budget to essentially divide it into two phases. The first phase lies with City administration and staff. Each department spends several months carefully preparing their budgets which are submitted to senior management and the finance department. These budgets are pared and tweaked and the belts are tightened to the highest degree possible at the administrative level. The principle we employ is essentially administration makes as many decisions as possible within the context of continuing to provide City services at a level determined by elected City council whose role is to reflect the wishes of the public. Administration therefore takes the budget as far as it can and then hands it off to Council to take it the finish line. Council will further tweak; adding and reducing as it deems suitable for the wishes of our community. Both administration and Council try to find the delicate balance of continuing to provide the very essential services that our community relies on while also keeping tax increases to the most modest level possible. In every case so far, for the 6 previous budgets I’ve been involved with, Council has been able to provide a final budget result with a significantly less tax increase than the starting point that administration has provided. For context, last year our budget deliberations had a starting point of 2.97% potential tax increase; when budget deliberations were complete we arrived at a very modest 0.47%. Brandon City Council for these past 6 years has one of the best records of continuing to provide solid service levels and renew our infrastructure while at the same time keeping tax increases well below the rate of inflation. In fact the grand total of municipal tax increases in Brandon is 3.72% for the full six years or an average of 0.62% per year. Manitoba’s rate of inflation (change in CPI) for the same period is 14.7%...consequently our tax increases have amounted to 25% of the rate of inflation. This years budget “starting point” is 3.15% as provided by administration and should in no way be considered the proposed tax increase based on the process I’ve explained above.

Council and myself take the budget process extremely seriously. It’s a job I often describe as one of our very most important functions as it literally sets the stage and the work plan for the ensuing year. The other very common comment we’re hearing in our budget feedback is that this year is not a year to be looking for large tax increases. We couldn’t agree more! Throughout the pandemic and leading into budget, I’ve frequently publicly stated that as a municipality we have an even greater responsibility to continue to provide services to our community and keep our finances in line. While we are prohibited from posting deficits, we also believe our citizens and businesses can’t afford to carry additional tax burdens at this time. While you see this is a responsibility we’ve taken seriously for many years based on our track record, I believe that duty falls to us this year more than ever. We certainly know that many businesses and organizations have been closed, citizens have been out of work and cash flows for many tax payers have been impacted. While budgets are never easy, Council will be working very hard to keep any increases to the most modest level as possible. Let’s all bear in mind that apart from keeping taxes in line, it is also essential that we continue to provide services and maintain our city at the same time.

Thank you once again for the thoughtful feedback provided. Stay tuned and rest assured myself, Council and administration will do our very best to provide a well-rounded budget that continues to respect every hard earned dollar that our citizens provide.


2021 Proposed Budget Documents

01 Summaries

pdf 01.11 2021 Summary - Historical Comparison by GL Categories (General & Utility Funds Combined) (13.66 KB)

pdf 01.13 2021 Summary - Revenues and Expenditures - General Fund (58.81 KB)

pdf 01.14 2021 Summary - Revenues and Expenditures - Utility Fund (14.32 KB)

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02 Taxes and Debt

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pdf 02.21 Debt 2021 Payments (75.6 KB)

03 General Fund

pdf 03.01 2021 Proposed Operating Budget (General Fund) (703.1 KB)

04 Utility Fund

pdf 04.01 2021 Proposed Operating Budget (Utility Fund) (2.29 MB)

05 Capital Projects 

pdf 05.21 Capital Projects Detail (172.29 KB)