Brandon is an important cultural centre for the southwest region of Manitoba. With such excellent cultural facilities, programmes, and events such as the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon University’s Fine Arts and Music Programmes, the Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival, and various theatre and dance schools, this city serves as a pivotal point for cultural connections.

The City of Brandon strives to 1) create a thoughtful and dynamic cultural programme which recognizes, enhances, and supports the existing cultural and ethno cultural communities and infrastructure of our city, and 2) initiate projects and partnerships wherever there is a need and an opportunity.



Guiding Principles:

  1. Diversity: Respect, honour, and raise awareness of ethno cultural diversity, through celebratory and educational opportunities
  2. Accessibility: Ensure equal access to all community members
  3. Opportunity & Inclusion: Provide opportunities for community members to engage in cultural activities in various ways, for instance: volunteerism, attending events, sitting on planning committees, performing, etc.
  4. Quality of Life: Enhance the quality of life in Brandon by developing appropriate cultural programming which has the capacity to stimulate economic growth and promote social cohesion
  5. Partnership: Build meaningful and supportive partnerships with existing cultural community groups and organizations in response to the changing needs of our community