Taxicab Driver's Permit

PDF Icon Taxi Driver's Permit (2.9 MB)

Required documentation to be submitted when applying for a taxicab driver's permit:

  • Taxicab driver license application (above)
  • Must be in possession of a Class 4 drivers license
  • A current drivers abstract as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for the Province of Manitoba


Special Event Permit

When a group of individuals (private citizens or businesses) wish to block off part of a City street for the purpose of having a block party or barbeque etc., a permit must be applied for.

PDF Icon Services Request Form (207.32 KB)

PDF Icon Special Event Form (82.34 KB)

Items to be addressed are as follows:

  • A petition must be obtained from the persons or businesses affected by the closure, indicating whether they are in agreement or not. The application form must be filled out well in advance of holding the event.
  • Part of the approval process involves checking to see if the particular request will affect the bus route system, does the request involve any one way streets, etc.
  • Once approval is given, the application is processed and arrangements are made to have barricades dropped off at an agreed location and set up by the applicant prior to the event.
  • Even though traffic will generally be non-existent, anything deposited on the street (barbeques, seating, etc.) must be readily movable to allow emergency vehicles access if required.
  • All liquor regulations must be strictly adhered to.
  • The event must end no later than sunset.
  • The fee for this permit is $50.00 (free of charge for non-profit organizations).

(The fee schedule may change from time to time and will supersede all rates indicated.)

Need further help?
Contact the License Section at:

Telephone: (204) 729-2230

Fax: (204) 726-8546 (attention: License Section)


Moving Permits

Motor carriers may obtain over-size and over-weight moving permits which will allow travel on roads within the City of Brandon's jurisdiction by contacting Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation at the toll free number, 1-877-812-0009, or fax at 1-204-945-6499.


Garage Sales

The City of Brandon has regulations governing the above which are as follows:

  • A maximum of three(3) sales in each calendar year may be conducted from a residential property.
  • A sale may not be conducted for a period of more than two(2) consecutive days.
  • Signs(maximum size 2'x 2') can only be put up the day before a sale and must be removed immediately after (public trees and/or utility poles are not to be used for hanging of signs). You will be subject to a Compliance Ticket as issued by By-law Enforcement, Brandon Police Service, with a maximum fine of $100.00 if you fail to remove your garage sale signs right after your sale.

There are no permits issued for such sales, however the above regulations must be adhered to.

Contact the License Section at:

Telephone: (204) 729-2230
Fax: (204) 726-8546 (attention: License Section)