Dog & Cat Licensing

All dogs and cats (whether indoor pets or not) must be registered with the City of Brandon annually and the license year runs from January to December. However, new pets do not require registration until they are old enough for a rabies shot and/or six months of age.

Required documentation is as follows:

  • A current rabies certificate from the veterinarian (must be provided each and every year).
  • If the pet is neutered or spayed, veterinarian proof must be provided as well.

The current fees are as indicated below:

  • A sterile dog or cat has an annual fee of $21.00 (within limit of 2)
  • Unsterilized pets have an annual fee of $57.50 (within limit of 2)

(The fee schedule may change from time to time and will supersede all rates indicated.)

Licences may be purchased in person at City Hall (410 9th Street) or online by clicking here.

If you require further assistance please call the Bylaw Compliance Clerk at 204-729-2230 or email

Click on the following link to access a copy of the pdf icon Animal Control Bylaw No 5900C (246 KB).