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Pedestrians and all persons driving, operating or using in any way a vehicle on any highways, streets, public walkways, off-street parking areas, other public properties, green belts, or on private property (where and to the extent of the Traffic By-law No. 5463), within the limits of the City of Brandon shall in all respects conform to the provisions of the Traffic By-law No. 5463 save and except where provisions of said by-law are inconsistent with provisions of relevant Provincial or Federal Statutes in which case the provisions of such statutes shall override the provisions of the City of Brandon Traffic By-law No. 5463.


Please refer to the following link for access to copies of the City of Brandon Traffic By-law No. 5463. These copies are an electronic reproduction in PDF file format, made available for information purposes only and have no legal status. The format may be different and plans, pictures, graphics or text may be altered. Where applicable, amending by-laws have been consolidated with the original by-law for convenience and reference.


To verify the accuracy of this information, or to obtain certified true copies of the official version of the Traffic By-law No. 5463, please contact the:


City Clerk’s Office

City Hall 410 – 9th Street

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Traffic Manual

Temporary Traffic Control Manual (581 KB)

Traffic Control Manual Drawings (4.6 MB)

Appendix Section (116 KB)

Arterials Map (278 KB)

Collectors Map (281 KB)


Traffic By-laws

Traffic By-law No. 5463 - Index (107 KB)

Traffic By-Law No. 5463 Part I (154 KB)

Traffic By-law No. 5463 Part II and III (662 KB)

Traffic By-law No. 5463 Part IV to V (94 KB)

Traffic By-law Schedules A - H (476 KB)

Traffic By-law Schedules J - S (752 KB)

Traffic By-law Schedules T - W (818 KB)

Traffic By-law Schedules X - Y (1.1 MB)