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Vehicle Extrication

Vehicle Extrication deals mostly with Motor Vehicle Accidents (M.V.A.).  The tools and skills needed to safely perform this task are much like the other rescue tasks performed by a Firefighter.  They need to be constantly training and staying ahead of technology in order to be effective.

The most commonly known Extrication device known to the public is the Spreaders; also known as “the Jaws”.  This is a tool mostly used to spread open small openings to gain access to those trapped.  The Spreaders are able to exert a force of 22,000 pounds per square inch at the tips of the tool.

Another tool much like the Spreaders is the Shears.  The Shears are basically a big pair of scissors that are used for cutting various metal objects.  The Shears can exert a force of 30,000 pounds per square inch of cutting power.

Many other tools used in extrications include extension rams, pneumatic air tools, high or low-pressure airbags, and a variety of various hand tools.

High Angle Rescue

High Angle Rescue refers to rescues that utilize ropes for rappelling down or climbing up to someone at risk.  There is not much for rock climbing around the Brandon area; however, there are a large number of grain silos and elevators, as well as a number of taller buildings. Emergencies involving trenches or wells have also seen these skills utilized.

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is always ready to respond to calls at these types of buildings if required.

Water/Ice Rescue

Most of the Brandon Fire & Emergency Services water and ice rescues take place in the Assiniboine River, although there are a number of creeks in the area that can pose dangerous situations. Water rescues are extremely dangerous due to the constant threat of debris, swift-moving water and occasionally water dams.  Our Water Rescue Technicians fight the currents to safely rescue those in need. This is made much easier when using the department's Zodiac and RDC (rapid deployment craft). The rescuers also use sonar devices to help make body recovery easier by locating victims in the water.  Our water rescue team constantly trains to rescue people from all water-related hazards in and around the Brandon area. Please use extreme caution when on or around the river to prevent yourself and those around you from any injuries.


Brandon Fire & Emergency Services has some capabilities when dealing with HAZ-MAT incidents. Due to the excessive cost of equipment and training involved, most fire departments can't afford to handle these incidents alone. Therefore, these situations are dealt with by drawing on multiple agency response.  With various dangerous chemicals being transported via train and truck transport around the city, the danger of chemical emergencies is always there.

Hazardous Materials are very dangerous in a fire situation due to the possibility of explosions, transfer of chemicals to the air, or reactions of water to various substances.  In most calls that deal with Hazardous Materials, it is very important to quickly contain the substance to prevent it from causing harm to anyone.  This can be very difficult because of the complex nature and various number of elements: weather, type of substance, size of population and size of area affected all play a role.

If you happen to come across a chemical you may think is hazardous…

PLEASE STAY BACK and call 9-1-1 right away.