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Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

120 - 19th Street North
Brandon, MB R7B 3X6

Fire Hall #1: 204-729-2400

Fire Hall #2: 204-729-2420



t is essential that all employees be familiar with the proper use of portable fire extinguishers and know when and when not to use them.

This hands-on training program is directed towards business/institutions and their employees. Learn about the different classes of fire, types of fire extinguishers and how to properly use that extinguisher that you see every day on your way to your desk. Then take this information and try it out on a real fire.

What do you need to supply?

  1. Fire extinguishers – 1 extinguisher per 2 employees & 1 CO2 per session;
  2. A classroom/boardroom/coffee room for the classroom portion of the training; and
  3. An outdoor location (parking lot etc.) for the hands-on portion of the training.


  • Cost - $220.00 plus G.S.T. per session (maximum of 25 people per session depending on the facility and location being used).
  • Time – depending on the number of people - usually 1.5 hours in the classroom and 1.5 hours for the hands-on practice. Maximum 2 sessions per day.
  • Call 204-729-2403 or to inquire about booking a session.