A valuable resource offered by Brandon Fire and Emergency Services is the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program.  This voluntary program is a standardized intervention method for addressing this time sensitive issue.  Although the fire service is not in a position to provide counselling services, it can provide early identification of youth firesetters, education and referral services.  The majority of the youth identified to a fire service are “curiosity” firesetters who respond well to appropriate fire safety education.  If the youth is identified as being in “crisis”, fire safety education is provided as well as a referral to an appropriate partner agency.

We feel it is important that each case be dealt with in a timely manner.  We make every effort to contact the parent/guardian quickly to go through the intake process and set up an appointment to interview both the parent and the child. Depending on the outcome of those interviews, age appropriate fire safety education could either be delivered during that same meeting or subsequent appointments would be made.   The fire department will also conduct a three month follow-up and a one year follow-up with the child and parent(s) to monitor their progress.

The purpose of the program is to work together with the family to change behavior through education.

For more information on the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program please contact us by phone 204-729-2400 or email at fire@brandon.ca