Brandon's Green Business Award 2022

Brandon’s Green Business Award

The City of Brandon Environmental Initiatives Section and the Brandon Environment Committee is excited to introduce a new Brandon Green Business Award.This  purpose of this award is to give praise, recognition and celebrate businesses that have taken the initiative to employ efforts in sustainability, water conservation, and waste diversion efforts.

The initiative(s) can be something that the business has already been doing, or this could be the opportunity to plan to adopt a measure. The initiative must not be something that is already mandated due to law, by-law, or other body of rules.

Categories are:

  • Small business (less than 100 employees)
  • Large business (more than 100 employees)
  • Non-for profit organizations

Green initiative ideas could be:  

  • Becoming a fair trade workplace or retailer
  • Switching to energy efficient bulbs or appliances where applicable
  • Creative ways to reuse/recycle goods, products, materials etc.
  • Encourage or implement a green commuting strategy
  • Water conservation

The award criteria are by no means limited to the options above, we strongly encourage teams to come up with their own ideas!

TThe application deadline is Monday, November 14, 2022. An evaluation committee will review applications to ensure eligibility. Eligible businesses will be given a certificate to proudly display and will be entered to win a fair trade coffee break, compliments of Brandon Environment Committee and the City of Brandon.

Participant’s accomplishments will be celebrated on the City’s social media platforms with a team photo, a write up of their initiative and what they achieved with their efforts.

Green Business Award Application Form

Businesses must be located within the city limits of Brandon to qualify for the Brandon Green Business Award. If you have any questions or concerns please email 4Rwasteambassdor@brandon.ca