Brandon Enviro Expo 2023

Brandon Enviro Expo 2023

The 2023 Enviro Expo is looking for presenters!


Brandon’s 8th Annual (sort of) Enviro Expo will be Tuesday June 6th, 2023

Brandon University, Brandon, MB


Brandon’s Enviro Expo is a one day event aimed at engaging, educating and empowering youth on environmental issues and creating a connection from what is learned in the classroom to the community.

How can you participate: We have 15 workshop spaces for organizations and companies that want to provide environmental education to ~300 students from grades 3-6

What do you need: All presenters are expected to have 2 morning sessions and 1 afternoon session with an interactive portion to their 60-minute session that engages students in environmental learning in order to get the message across in a fun and active way!  When applying to be a presenter please send a brief description of what your workshop will entail and what school grade it is targeted to. There will be up to ~25 students in each workshop.

How can you apply: Please contact coordinator Lindsay Hargreaves by calling 729-2171 or email l.hargreaves@brandon.ca

Deadline for submissions is Feb.28, 2023

Lunch will be provided.