A Brownfield is an “abandoned, vacant, derelict or under-utilized commercial, industrial or institutional property where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination or threat to the public health and safety and where there is active potential for redevelopment “(FCM,2009).

The City has been investigating the number of “Brownfields” in the community. A number of these sites were usually built during the community’s formative years; they often occupy prime locations in the downtown area. The City is a participant in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Leadership in Brownfield Renewal Program (LiBRE). With the aid of this peer program, the City of Brandon has developed a Brownfield Strategy and an incentive to address brownfields in our community. 

To learn more about Brownfields and how to remediate the sites into something useful click here


City of Brandon Brownfield Strategy

On July 17th, 2017 City Council endorsed the City of Brandon Brownfield Strategy. The Strategy is a living document that is a framework to encourage remediation and redevelopment of properties considered either impacted or contaminated as defined by the provincial authority having jurisdiction. The City is committeed to supporting the remediation and redevelopment of these sites through the strategy and the incentive of the municipal tax off-setting credit program (Brownfield Financial Assistance Program). The City strategy provides justification and rationale for offering incentives, and the framework and timelines of the program being offered.


pdf City of Brandon Brownfield Strategy (1.01MB)