If you are an environmentally-minded individual with a keen interest in the 4 R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink, the City of Brandon is looking to you!

The program provides training and resources to volunteer community ambassadors, who will then be encouraged to seek out community events, schools, and service group functions to help educate and inform on municipal waste diversion programs. Together with its ambassadors, the City of Brandon is looking to better educate residents on “what goes in what bin” to improve waste, recycling, and organic diversion rates in the community and to increase efficiencies at the Eastview Landfill.

The City of Brandon is looking to train volunteers to be 4R Waste Ambassadors to help educate community members about the City's waste diversion programs.  Volunteers will receive training and resources to become a certified 4R Waste Ambassador. Ambassadors are encouraged to volunteer 30 hours over the course of the year.  Involvement can be as simple as putting up posters in your workplace, apartment complex, neighbourhood and answering questions, or it can be larger scale such as organizing a battery drive for recycling. The extent of involvement is entirely up to you!

To apply please fill out the online application below and if you have any questions or concerns please email  4rwasteambassador@brandon.ca.


4R Waste Ambassador Application