Contact Information

Brandon Police Service

1020 Victoria Avenue
Brandon, MB

Emergencies 911

Non-Emergencies 204-729-2345

The City of Brandon currently employs 2 Animal Control Officers.

The officers are available 7 days a week 7:00 am - 5:00 pm and after hours for emergencies only. You must call to make a complaint to (204) 729-2345.

The services that are provided by Animal Control are:

  • Securing dogs/cats and any other domestic animal that is running at large
  • Checking license tags on dogs and cats
  • Destroying any animals that are causing a nuisance
  • Destroy/remove any pests (meaning any animal, bird, rodent, domestic or wild animal causing a health hazard)
  • Assisting injured domestic animals and finding immediate medical care
  • Investigating animal cruelty situations
  • Securing injured wildlife
  • Dealing with odour problems from the defecation of dogs and cats
  • Ensuring dangerous dogs are declared dangerous under the by-law


Off-Leash Dog Parks

Brandon's off-leash parks are located in the 2700 block of Park Avenue and in the 1000 block of Victoria Avenue East. They are great places to take your dog for some exercise.

See all City of Brandon By-Laws.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog or cat have to have a licence?

Yes, all dogs and cats, regardless if they are indoor or not MUST be licenced.


How many dogs or cats am I allowed to have?

You are permitted to have 2 adult cats and/or 2 adult dogs. Puppies can stay at your residence up to 6 months of age unless you are a licensed breeder.


Do you trap small animals?

We no longer trap rodents on private property, however, if you have larger pests such as skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, etc., we will trap and remove them.


If you find my dog, where can I pick him up?

Pets are transported to the City Pound, located Southwest of Brandon. There is a pound fee incurred when you collect your pet.


Can I surrender my pet to Animal Control?

If the pet is approved by Animal Control, there will be a nominal fee which must be paid at the time of collection to the Animal Control Officer.


Can I use my own traps in my yard?

The general answer is No under the city by-laws; however, each case can be determined at the discretion of the Animal Control officer.


Can I have a Snake, Lizard or reptile in my home?

Yes, you may. There currently is no by-law regarding reptiles.


Must my pet's vaccinations be up to date?

Yes, regardless if they are indoor or outdoor pets.


What do I do if I am bitten by a dog?

Seek medical attention, if required. Then call The Brandon Police Service to make a police report at 204-729-2345. An Animal Control Officer will be assigned to your case and will contact you when available.


Can I walk my dog without a leash in the city?

No. City By-Law states all Dogs MUST be leashed at all times, other than approved dog parks or private property.


How do I make an Animal Control complaint?

Please phone the Brandon Police Service at 204-729-2345 with your information and concerns.


Can I take my dog to the school grounds during the summer months?

No. In fact, it is an offence to permit your dog on ANY school, playground or cemetery at ANY time, whether under control or not.



Pound FAQ

What is the fee to retrieve my animal from the pound?

There is a $37.75 + GST fee when picking your animal up from the pound. If you live in the city of Brandon, you will also be required to purchase an animal license for $21. The license is good for one calendar year. As well as the animal license, you will need to have the animal vaccinated for rabies which is $40.
*note: these fees are subject to change. Please see the fee schedule for the most up-to-date listing of fees.


How long is an animal kept on hold until it's available for adoption?

Animals are kept on hold for 72 hours until they become adoptable.


What is the cost to adopt an animal from the pound?

Kittens are available for $5 + GST, adult cats are $10 + GST, and dogs are $20 + GST


What is the cost to surrender my animal to the pound?

There is a $40 fee to surrender your cat and a $40 - $200 fee to surrender your dog (For a dog surrender animal control officers will need to assess the size, breed, and temperament of the dog to determine pricing).


What are the pound hours?

Appointments are available between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Please call 204-728-3260 to schedule an appointment.



Animal Licensing FAQ


Purchasing a Pet License

How much does a new pet license cost?

$21.00 if the animal is spayed/neutered, $57.50 if it is not.


Where can I buy a license?

You can buy a license in person at City Hall, or submission can be made online and mailed out: Animal Licence Application Form (


How do I notify Animal Control if my dog or cat is deceased?

Call City Hall, Licensing Department (204)-729-2230


Is my City of Brandon pet license good in another municipality?



How long is a pet license valid for?

One calendar year



Renewing a Pet License

Will you send me an invoice when it's time to renew my pet license?



Can I renew my old pet's license and put the license tag on my new pet?



Can I align the renewal date for all of my pet licenses?




Unlicensed Pets

What is the fine for failing to license my dog or cat?

$100 if the pet is 6 months or older


How do I report a suspected unlicensed dog or cat?

Call Animal Control



Pet License Tags

Where can I get a replacement license tag?

At City Hall, Licensing Department


Where does the money I pay you for my pet license go?

All licensing monies received goes into funding for Animal Control



Dog Licensing

Why should I buy a license? Are there benefits to licensing my dog?

Licensing allows for identification that will ensure a quick return to the owner if your pet is picked up by Animal Control


I have a service dog, do I need a license?



My dog never gets out of the yard, why should I buy a license?

It's not guaranteed your animal will never get out. Purchasing a license also provides a quicker return home for the pet should it escape.


Does my dog need to wear its license tag?



The license tag is too big for my little dog. Do you have a smaller size tag?




Cat Licensing

Why was a cat licensing program developed?

To easily identify cats and help return them to their owners


My cat is an indoor cat. Why do I have to get it licensed if it never goes outside?

If it does get loose, we will be able to identify it and return it to the owner


My cat has a microchip, do I still need a license?