City workers placing flowers around Brandon

2023 plants started from seed


Grasses:               Melinus Savanah

                             Pennisetum Macroum- Tail Feathers

                             Pennisetum Green Fountain grass- Fuzzy

                             Cosmos Apollo Formula Mix

 Pennisetum Macroum Tail Feathers    Melinus Savanah    Cosmos Apollo Formula Mix


Plants saved from previous years

Canna Lilies, saved Tubers, Red, Green, and African sunset, new this year green with Yellow flower from Brandon University

Red Star Cordilyn since 2016


Sansevaria- Snake plant

 Agave   Canna Lilies  snake plant outdoors

2023 Spring Plants

Angelonia, AngelDance, Fuchsia Bicolor, Violet Bicolor


Argyranthemum, Golden Butterfly


Begonia, Whopper Red/bronze leaves

               Whopper White/green leaves


Gaura, Stratosphere White

            Stratosphere Pink


Gomphrena, Truffula Pink

Grass, Pennisetum Rubrum, Purple Fountain


Helianthus, Suncredible Yellow

                   Suncredible Saturn


Ipomoea, Sweet potato vine, Upside Black Coffee

                                               Upside Key Lime

                                               Sweet Caroline Medusa

 Petochoa SuperCal Premium Cinnamon    Angelonia AngelDance Fuchsia Bicolor Violet Bicolor    Whopper Red bronze leaves

Petunia, Surfinia Deep Red

               ColorRush Blue

               Bees Knees Yellow

               Debonair Dusty Rose


Petochoa, SuperCal Premium, Cinnamon

                                                  Sunset Orange

                                                  Pearl White


Salvia, Mystic Spires Improved


             Golden Delicious


City Hall Flowers basket    City Hall Flowers basket 1    Downtown 1