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 City workers placing flowers around Brandon

2020 Flowers and Plants started from seeds

  • Cardoon, from seed, large silver leaf, purple flowerhead
  • Canna Lilies, overwinter roots from the previous year, Red (Red/Maroon leaves, red flower) Green (green leaves, Yellow flower) African Sunset (Orange, green, red variegation in leaves, orange flower)
  • Cordyline, Red Star, large Maroon leafed tropical plant, overwinter from plants purchased in 2016
  • Grasses, from seed, Melinus Savanah,
    • Pennisetum Setaceum Fuzzy, Green fountain,
    • Pennisetum Macroum Tail Feathers
  • Lantana Tree, overwintered since 2013
  • Ornamental Pepper saved seed from 2019, purple leaves and purple ripening to red peppers


2020 Flowers and Plants started from plugs/root cuttings

  • Argyranthemum, Golden Butterfly
  • Alternanthera, Red Threads
  • Begonia, Whopper Red with bronze leaves
  • Bidens, Goldilocks Rocks Improved
  • Coleus, Colorblaze Wicked Hot
  • Coleus, Colorblaze Apple Brandy
  • Dianthus, Rocking Red
  • Dahlia, Dalaya Red, Dalaya Shiva, Yellow with red eyem Venti Tequila Sunrise, Yellow/orange
  • Gaura, Stratosphere White
  • Grass, Pennisetum Rubrum, Purple Fountain
  • Helianthus, Suncredible Yellow Sunflower
  • Ipomoea, Sweet Potato Vine, Solar Power Black, Solar Power Lime
  • Lobularia, Easy Breezy White
  • Petunia, Surfinia Deep Red, Supertunia Royal Velvet, ColorRush Blue, ColorRush White
  • Petchoa SuperCal Premium, Cross with Petunia and Calibrachoa, Cinnamon, Carmel Yellow, French Vanilla
  • Salvia Mystic Spires
  • Salvia Sky Scraper Orange.