Contact Information

Youth Centre

638 Princess Avenue
Brandon, MB

Phone 204-729-2516

Youth Centre Guidelines

  • Be Kind and Respectful
  • Treat Equipment with Respect
  • Use Appropriate Language
  • Participate
  • Make Smart Choices
  • No Running
  • Be Safe
  • Have Fun!


Three Strike Policy

A three-strike policy will be put in place for the youth participants of the City of Brandon Youth Centre. If any youth fails to behave or abide by the Youth Centre guidelines, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the night.

Strike 1: If a youth consistently fails to listen to staff and does not abide by the centres guidelines, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the night, and will not be able to attend the following night the Youth Centre is open.

Strike 2: If this behaviour continues, the youth participant will then be sent home with a suspension of one week from the City of Brandon Youth Centre.

Strike 3: After a youth has had a one-week suspension from the City of Brandon Youth Centre and still continues to not listen to staff, misbehave or not abide by the guidelines, the youth will then be suspended indefinitely, or until he/she, along with a parent or guardian, meets with the Youth Centre Coordinator.


Head Lice Policy

Lice are highly contagious and can spread quickly from person to person, especially in group settings. If a youth who attends the youth centre acquires a case of head lice, their parents/guardian must let youth centre staff know immediately.

The youth must leave the centre as soon as possible to avoid further spread and will not be allowed to return until he/she has been treated with a specialized lice treatment shampoo and removal of nits from the hair following the shampooing is done.

Please ensure that all nits are removed, your child can not return to the Youth Centre until all nits are removed.

Upon first return, a youth centre staff will check the child’s hair and will either clear the child or recommend further treatment.

pdf Head Lice Check List (175 KB)



*** Note, if your child has a contagious illness, or you suspect they do, please refrain from attending the Youth Centre until a doctor has cleared them.

If you have questions regarding this policy please direct them to the Youth Centre Coordinator, 204-729-2516***