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Real Estate is a section of the Development Services Division. Real Estate is responsible for the management of the City of Brandon Land Inventory and building assets, including the following:

  • Managing the appraisal, negotiation, marketing, acquisition and/or disposition of City owned land and buildings, and land assembly projects on behalf of the City of Brandon in accordance with the Land Transaction Policy & Procedure;
  • Acquisitions of easements and rights-of-ways necessary for the protection of the City’s infrastructure, as well as the release of those no longer required;
  • Administers, in coordination with other City Departments, road/street, land and walkway closures and openings, and public reserve closures in accordance with The Municipal Act and The Planning Act;
  • Leasing and maintaining the City’s rental properties including land and/or buildings as well as parking spaces within the City owned parking lots located in the City’s downtown core area;
  • Coordinates the naming and renaming of public and private streets within the City of Brandon in coordination with the Planning Commission and City Council, including the maintenance of the Street Names Registry;
  • Assigns all new civic addresses and change of address, notifying all agencies affected by the change and responds to all enquiries;
  • Liaison with legal counsel to ensure the interest of the City is maintained in acquisitions and dispositions as well as legal issues as they arise from properties adjacent to City owned property;
  • Ensuring all property transactions are completed in accordance with relevant statutes, acts, regulations and policies, and;


Land Uses

There are a variety of land uses which are generally taken into consideration when managing the City’s Land Inventory. These properties include:

  • City Facilities such as City Hall, Civic Services Complex, Water Treatment Plant, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, Brandon Municipal Airport, Sportsplex, Library/Art Gallery building, Police Station, Fire Halls, Community Centres, etc.;
  • Open Spaces such as Recreational Hubs, spray parks, playgrounds, dog parks, recreational fields, ball diamonds, public reserves and riverbank green spaces;
  • Developable Lands which may be for sale and/or development such as former City facilities, playgrounds, tot lots, ball diamonds, parcels for redevelopment, or large parcels subject to a Secondary Plan;
  • Non-Developable Lands which may be for sale and/or development such as closed lanes (some of which act as access) or walkways, old spur lines, and bare land.


From time to time the City also needs to acquire land parcels for municipal purposes such as lands for underground services or drainage, expansion or relocation of City facilities or amenities, and corner cut-offs to facilitate sanitation pick-up in laneways. 


Free Public Parking - 1201 Pacific Avenue

The City of Brandon is promoting FREE public parking in its parking lot located at 1201 Pacific Avenue. Monthly electric stalls are available for rent during the winter months if residents are interested. Please contact our Planning Department for more information at (204) 729-2110 or


Monthly Rental

The City of Brandon is promoting monthly parking stalls for rent as per the City’s Fee Schedule.  Availability is as follows:

329 – 10th Street – Available

20 – 8th Street – Available

21 – 8th Street – Waiting list

641 Rosser Avenue – Waiting list

638 Princess Avenue – Waiting list

Please contact our Planning Department for more information at (204) 729-2110 or

parking lot at 1201 Pacific Avenue