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Open Brandon

Open Brandon 2021 with QR

Open Brandon 2021 with QR

Open Garden Tours

 Due to current public health concerns, Open Garden Tours 2021 will be presented virtually! Volunteers have opened their personal gardens and allowed photos/videos to be taken while providing information and tips that have helped them create and maintain their private yards and garden beds. In this virtual tour you can explore the beauty of their hard work and dedication.

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Doors Open

 View Open Doors Tour HERE!

Doors Open 2021 banner

With the ongoing public health concerns, the 19th edition of Doors Open Brandon starting August 4, 2021 will be virtual. Volunteers have opened their properties for photos/videos to be taken while providing information and history of these sites. This year’s Doors Open will also feature virtual tours and unique educational events!

Event Opening and Land Acknowledgement from Mayor Rick Chrest

Rick Chrest welcomes the people of Brandon and greater westman to participate in the Open Brandon event! This merger between Open Doors and Open Gardens is chock full of fascinating sights to see from all over Brandon! People can view some of Brandon’s Grand Heritage buildings, marvelous gardens, and popular local sights for free, just a click away! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy, as our mayor opens, Open Brandon.
Land Acknowledgement Written By: Jeremy R. Allen

12th Street Bed and Breakfast

Local home owner, Amy Buler, welcomes us into to her Gallery, Studio, and Bed and Breakfast located on 12th street, right in the heart of the city. Join Amy as she tours us through her beautiful 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home featuring original wood working, an in home studio, dozens of years old stained glass, and a very "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" secret room.

David McKonkey’s Tour of Brandon’s Ghetto: An overview of Ukrainian History in Brandon, Manitoba

Local historian and Brandon Sun columnist, David McKonkey, tours through Brandon’s former ghetto and tells the story of a rich cultural history brought to us overseas by Ukrainian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century. Learn the tales of several Ukrainian buildings located north of the train tracks here in Brandon.

Daly House Museum Tour

Join the local historians that curate the local Daly House Museum located on 18th street. The Daly house museum is a snapshot in time that allows visitors to see what the norms for family homes were around the time of western colonization in Manitoba. This guided tour grant us the opportunity to digitally take the tour of the Daly House Museum for free as we take a sneak peak into the residence of the first mayor of Brandon.

Buffalo Jump and Grand Valley Provincial Park Tour

The buffalo jump is a natural land device that was used before the colonization of Canada by its First Peoples. Hunters would herd buffalo into this plain and force them to jump down into the valley, an area of land that buffalo could graze naturally and remain healthy, but they would not be able to escape leaving them easy to harvest when needed as a food source. Now, the buffalo jump is used as a campground curated by local groundskeeper, Jordan Ross. This area is useable all year round for summer camping, and winter sporting, it’s a beautiful location to visit located just off highway 1!

The River Crossing

Jeremy Allen tells the story of the crossing. An important underwater highway located just outside of Brandon on the Assiniboine river. An important link between treat 1 and treaty 2 territory, the crossing has seen thousands of individuals cross it to carry out trade opportunities. Located at the very end of Richmond Avenue, it is still crossable today on foot!

Clark Hall Tour and Interview with BU President Dr. David Docherty

President of BU, Dr. David Docherty, talks about how Brandon University has continued to move forward through the covid-19 pandemic, then, we tour the halls of the main campus building to see exactly where students can look forward to coming back to in the 2021-2022 academic year! Join us for some great information, and cool stories, as told by the President of BU.

Lorne Watson Recital Hall Tour

Dr. Aaron Wilson, assistant professor of low brass at Brandon Universities School of Music, describes why one of the best music schools in Canada is housed right here in Brandon, Manitoba. How does the school of music plan to move forward? How will academic performances be carried out in the year. Dr. Wilson talks about his career path as a musician that led him to being on of BUs permanent full-time faculty members and what inspires him to stay with BU, in the great city of Brandon.

Brandon Manitoba History at the S.J. McKee Archives

Jeremy Allen interviews university archivist, Christie Henry. Join us as we analyze and observe some of Brandon Universities most important archives. The S. J. McKee Archives is housed within the walls of the John E. Robbins Library and is available for tour by the general public. From the class flag of 1922 to the original schematic of the Brandon College Building, there is tons to see whether you are a current student, former student, or just a resident of Brandon.

CATP Air Training Museum

Join local air veteran, Art Brown, as he guides us through some of our most important aviary history! Look into WWI and WWII Aircraft, Vehicles, and much, much more! The CATP Air Training Museum houses a very active airplane restoration project where they work on various historical planes. Make sure to check this place out in person and if you’re interested in airplanes or restoration, make sure to get into contact with the CATP air museum to find out how to get involved!

Display Building No. II Dominion Fair Building

Ever wonder what that big dome building was on the way to get your Covid-19 shot this year? Well wonder no more! Follow along as we describe the original intent for the dome building, what its used for now, and its close connection to the city of Brandon and its agriculture.

Nature Tour With David Barnes

Local biologist, philanthropist and “Assiniboine Food Forest groundskeeper Dave Barnes, takes us on a little adventure through the bush located within Brandon. Learn about sustainable practices, biodiversity, animal/plant interactions, and ecological functions of commonly known organisms found within Brandon.

Former Brandon Normal School

The Brandon Normal School has since been turned in to a mass group of offices but walking in you can still feel the schoolhouse vibes. Take a walk back in time as we imagine what it was like to be a teacher in training in the early 20th century. Kyle Gatzke guides us on our way through this truly marvelous building trapped in time.

Era's Antiques Showcase

Take a tour through the local business, Era’s Antiques. View knickknacks from history kept in mint condition by local antique enthusiast, Daryl Hicks.

Daryl Hicks Writes the following about his business:

“I started Era’s Antiques (Eras of Time) in the 1990’s at 134 10th Street. I wanted to create a unique antique shopping experience where history and the history of items were discovered and discussed. I started incorporating my artwork into the shop with black and white historical based paintings. This store lasted 8 years, during the early boom of Ebay. Around 2010, after collecting more interesting items, I started selling again at a Flea Market in Winnipeg. From there, I went into a shop on Sherbrooke Street in the city for a brief time before once again trying my business in Brandon. This was at 705 Rosser and stayed there for 3 years before moving across the street to 636 Rosser where my current shop is located. I produced a large series of Canadian landscapes and natural rock sculptures which could be prominently displayed in the new space. I have always tried to have a completely diverse selection of stock, something for everyone who loves to collect. I also try to keep everything in its correct place, together with other similar pieces. With the latest world developments, (as with every business) it has been challenging. I have been selling online and in-store by appointment, trying to keep everyone safe. I hope we all get back to some sense of our pre-pandemic lives. Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.”