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Barry Cullen


Name:  Barry Cullen

Address:  16 E Fotheringam Drive

Phone:  204-729-5268

Occupation:  Small  Business Owner

Why Are You Running for City Council?

For many of you, Barry Cullen is no stranger as he has represented Victoria Ward for the last 8 years.  Barry has lived in the ward for over 35 years and together with his wife Donna, they raised daughters Lindsay and Samantha and their son Kurtis. Barry and Donna are now blessed with three grandchildren.

Barry has always been actively involved in our community holding  the position of President of the Keystone Lions service club , President of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce., chaired the Brandon United Way campaign . He presently sits on the board for the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative. This is a water stewardship group involving partners from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota. This board supports the overall health and resiliency of the entire Assiniboine River basin. 

As you can see, Barry is experienced within City Hall and around many community organisations. Barry has owned and operated a successful small business for over 35 years located in downtown Brandon . 

Barry is fiscally prudent when it comes to taxpayers money. He and Council, over the last eight years, have held the average increase in taxation to way under inflation coming in at just over 1/2 of one 1% per year. 

During the past eight years Barry  has supported the completion of the Riverbank Discovery Centre Amphitheater . He has been working to protect the City from overland flooding. The Wheat City golf course has now been fortified with new berms,  and new development and 34th Street access is now complete. Barry worked toward a growth pays for growth model to finance new development . Barry has worked toward   The new outdoors sports facility now financed and well on the way to moving dirt this coming spring . Barry supports the new construction of the intake water treatment plant to replace the ageing 60 year old plant that we have now.

Barry is a pro growth candidate; he believes in growing the city which will grow our tax base with more people paying less than they would without the growth. Growth equals jobs and economic opportunities for our children and grandchildren . 

If you would like to have a discussion on our City’s future and concerns within your ward do not hesitate to contact Barry on his cell phone at 204 729 5268. Barry is always open to pop over for a one on one exchange of ideas

Vote for experience and proven community service .