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The City of Brandon's Visual Identity


City of Brandon logo


The City of Brandon has implemented a new, modern visual identity across the corporation. With its implementation, the new visual identity will become the primary City of Brandon logo and will take the place of the traditional City Coat of Arms, City Crest and any other logo image that has previously served as to identify the City of Brandon corporation.


Logo Imagery

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The imagery of the City of Brandon logo is two-fold in its significance. For those with ties to agriculture, a stylized, modern form of wheat or crops can be seen, which respects the important role that agriculture has played and continues to plays in the success of the Brandon economy. However, for those who do not have direct ties to agriculture, the imagery represents a family of three people in an embrace. The linked “D” and “O” in the Brandon wordmark symbolizes the sense of belonging and connectedness fostered by our community, while the colours of the City of Brandon logo are from the earth palette and rooted in natural elements. Therefore, the City of Brandon logo is one that strives to recognize the importance of community and family, while paying distinct homage to its strong ties to agriculture and connection to nature.


Use of the Logo – Quick Factsheet

Q. Where will this new logo be used?

A. The City of Brandon’s new logo will become the City’s new corporate image and will be used wherever the Coat of Arms, Crest or any other logo image has previously served as to identify the City of Brandon corporation. The Coat of Arms and Crest will be permitted for use in certain matters of City governance.

The new logo will be used in a number of ways across the corporation, including, but not limited to: Business cards, Paper and electronic letterhead, Media releases and public notices/advertising, brochures, City websites and social media accounts, City of Brandon vehicles, etc.


Q. Will all City of Brandon Departments use this new logo?

A. With a few exceptions, all City of Brandon Departments will begin to use only the new logo in their day-to-day operations. The Brandon Police Service and Brandon Fire and Emergency Services/E-911 Dispatch will continue to use logos and identification pertinent to their operations. City departments undertaking targeted marketing may also be permitted to use their department-specific logos for such efforts. (Examples include Brandon Transit, Brandon’s Community Sportsplex, Economic Development Brandon, etc.)


Q. Can the logo be used by someone outside of the City of Brandon?

A. External groups or individuals may use the logo in cases where visual representation of the City of Brandon is required. Should the need arise to use the logo, it can be downloaded as a vector file (EPS file) (1.1 MB).

However, all use by external groups or individuals must adhere to the City of Brandon’s  Visual Identity Guidelines (284 KB).


Q. What will happen to the City of Brandon’s Coat of Arms, City Crest and City Flag?

A. The Coat of Arms and the City Crest will no longer be used as the primary visual identifier for the City of Brandon. However, the City of Brandon still recognizes the historical significance and importance of the Coat of Arms and the Crest, and will allow their use under special circumstances relating to governance. No change will be made to current design of the City Flag.


Q. Will this logo change the official colors of the City?

A. The official colors of the City of Brandon remain gold and green. Modern versions of these colours have been specifically used in the design of the new logo to maintain authenticity.


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