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City Hall

City Hall

Payment Options


Online Banking:

On your banking website choose to add a payee. Searching for “Brandon” will generate a list of options. Each banking institution names the payees slightly different, please pick the appropriate payee matching the type of payment you are making.

  • Property Taxes
    • account number = roll number
    • If you do not know your roll number you may search by address using the property assessment map. Taxes & Assessment Map
  • Water Billing (Utility Invoices)
    • Find the account number for online banking on your most recent invoice, directly under the account holder name
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices (some banking institutions)
    • Accounts receivable invoices may include ambulance bills, landfill charges, business license invoices, etc.
    • The account number is most often in a format of four letters and four digits (example: SMIT1234)

Interac e-Transfer (New):

  • Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Through online banking, setup a new contact using the email
  • Supply the following information in the message field within the e-transfer:
  • Customer ID, example SMIT1234
  • Contact information, email address or phone number
  • Identify any payment instructions, such as specific invoices to apply payment
  • Send payment

no security question required as funds are auto-deposited directly into the City bank account

Drop Box:

  • Property Taxes
  • Water Billing (Utility Invoices)
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Parking or Compliance Tickets (Penalty Notices)

At City Hall, 410 9th Street, there is a dropbox located on the south-east side of the building. The slot is labelled “MAIL” and is on the door closest to 9th street.

Place an envelope with your cheque and invoice stub or payment instructions in the mail slot.

Virtual City Hall:

  • Parking or Compliance Tickets (Penalty Notices)
  • Animal Licenses

Click on the following link to be re-directed to the Virtual City Hall website. Virtual City Hall

Credit cards are the accepted form of payment for tickets and animal licenses.


  • Property Taxes
  • Water Billing (Utility Invoices)
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Parking or Compliance Tickets (Penalty Notices)

Cheques can be mailed to City Hall:

City of Brandon
Finance Department
410 9th Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 6A2

**Please include your payment stub from the invoice or payment instructions.

Tax Installment Plan (TIP):

An automatic bank withdrawal payment plan for property taxes. Payments are debited from your bank account on the 15th of each month. Payments are calculated by dividing your most recent annual tax levy into 12 installment payments.

To apply for the TIP program please fill out the application form TIP Application Form

Return completed form along with a void cheque or autodeposit form from the bank to

An email will be sent to you with further instruction on the payment amount required to start the plan.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan – Water Billing (Utility Invoices):

There are two automatic payment plan options available for water bills.

  • Monthly: emailed invoices, save approximately 20% off administrative fees.
  • Quarterly: emailed or post-mailed invoices

Payments are withdrawn from your bank account on the first of the month after you receive your bill.

Click here to apply for a payment plan online:

Mortgage Company Tax Payments (PIT)

Coordinated through your mortgage holder, property taxes may be included as a component of your mortgage payment. The mortgage company will submit payment to the City on your behalf.

Contact your mortgage holder to enquire about setting up this option.

Telephone Banking:

Telephone banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that enables customers to perform a range of financial transactions, including bill payments, over the telephone.

  • Property Taxes - account number = roll number
  • Water Billing (Utility Invoices) – account number directly under the account holder name on your water bill
  • Account Receivable Invoices – account number = four digits and four numbers (eg SMIT1234)

Electronic Funds Transfer:

Businesses may choose this type of payment by sending their form to for authorization.

Wire Payment:

Not a common form of payment and best utilized by customers with recurring charges, or payments made in a foreign currency. This type of payment may be requested by emailing

City of Brandon - 410 9th Street - Brandon MB - R7A 6A2 - Phone: 204. 729. 2186