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City Hall

City Hall

Meet the Current City Manager / CAO

Rod Sage - City Manager

Rod Sage is the City Manager / Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Brandon Corporation.  Rod brings 30-plus years of experience in local government to this role and has been serving in the City Manager role since November 6, 2017.  Previous to this position, he was the General Manager of the Operational Services Division for the City of Brandon since 2008. Rod has also held various progressive leadership roles within Brandon’s corporate structure dating back to the early 2000’s


Leadership Philosophy

As the City Manager / CAO for the City of Brandon, it’s an honor and privilege to be leading this corporation for a city I have called home for close to 50 years. I strongly believe that local government is the closest form of government which serves our citizens. The beginning of the twenty-first century is an exciting and challenging time in which to work in local government in Canada. Finding new solutions to longstanding and emerging problems are at the core of local government activity today. With support from a strong leadership team, the City of Brandon Corporation is always reviewing options to help enhance the quality of life for our citizens and ensure a high level of service is being maintained in a transparent and sustainable manner.

The City of Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba and is a very diverse community offering our residents various lifestyles to suit their needs. Our city offers amenities for all ages to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. Along with various healthy living options, our city is fortunate to enjoy a culturally diverse community with various demographics calling the City of Brandon home. With such a diverse community, it’s very important for our corporation to be functioning together as we provide the context for everyday life by ensuring that a broad range of essential services works effectively for our citizens as we continue to grow as a city.


The Future

Local government corporations are exciting places to work and the City of Brandon is no exception. Rather than looking for specific problems to fix, collectively, we will identify the unique qualities and special strengths of our corporation, which can then be enriched to improve our performance and teamwork abilities for service to our community. We will focus on our successes rather than on our failures, and by doing so, we will strengthen this great corporation. Together as a team, we will promote our corporate slogan “Serving and Building Community with PRIDE”.

Arising from this slogan are five pillars which serve to remind our employees of our commitment to serve our community with [P.R.I.D.E.]. These pillars represent:

Professionalism - Respect - Integrity - Diversity - Excellence

The vision of your City Manager / CAO is to ensure our staff provides relevant services and programs for the community, along with excellent customer service, ultimately earning the community’s respect and trust. I am very confident that if we remain resilient, focus on positive aspects and understand each other’s roles in the corporation as well as the community, there will be no issue too big to handle. I look forward to the future and working together with Council, staff and our citizens to make this vision a reality for future generations whom call Brandon home.


City of Brandon - 410 9th Street - Brandon MB - R7A 6A2 - Phone: 204. 729. 2186