1 - Roll Number

Property identification number


2 - Mailing Address

Includes the mailing address and registered owner(s) name as per Manitoba Land Titles Office at the time the bill was generated


3 - Real Property Information

Includes the legal description of the property, frontage area and number of dwelling units


4 - Civic Address

Municipal address


5 - Mortgage Company

Mortgage company (if applicable)


6 - Title or Deed

Certificate of Title number registered with Manitoba Land Titles Office


7 - Tax Status

Property liability type, example: taxable, grant-in-lieu, exempt, school tax exempt


8 - Assessment

Property value as determined by the Province of Manitoba


9 - Class

Type of property, this determines the portion percentage used for calculating property taxes. A property can have more than one class. Example: residential, other, personal property


10 - Portion %

Percentage of the property assessment that is subject to taxation as determined by property class


11 - Portioned Assessment

Taxable assessment, determined by multiplying the portion % by the total assessed value


12 - General Municipal

Calculation of general municipal taxes. Municipal Tax Levy = Portioned Assessment x Municipal Mill Rate / 1,000


13 - Local Improvement Debt Servicing

Debt servicing charges levied to properties within the defined local improvement district


14 - Encroachments

A fee relating to an agreement made between the property owner and the City of Brandon when a property’s structure encroaches City land


15 - Net Municipal Taxes

Sum of municipal taxes, local improvement debt servicing, and encroachments


16 - Brandon School Division

Calculation of school taxes, this rate is established by the Brandon School Division. Brandon School Division Tax Levy = Portioned Assessment x School Division Mill Rate / 1,000


17 - Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Advance

A credit from Province of Manitoba to help cover the school taxes


18 - Net School Division Levy

Sum of the school taxes and the Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit, the City remits these funds to the Brandon School Division


19 - Provincial Education Support Levy

Calculation of Provincial Education Support Levy taxes, this rate is established by the Province of Manitoba. Commercial and personal property are subject to this levy. Provincial Education Support Levy = Portioned Assessment x Provincial Education Support Levy Mill Rate / 1,000


20 - Net Provincial Education Support Levy

Sum of the Provincial Education Support Levy, the City remits these funds to the Province of Manitoba


21 - Net School Taxes

Sum of net school division levy and the Provincial Education Support Levy


22 - Current Taxes

Sum of current year net municipal taxes, net school division levy and Provincial Education Support Levy


23 - Other Charges/Credits

Current year credits on the account, displayed as negative values from TIP payments, property tax prepayments, or tax credits

Current year debits on the account, displayed as positive values from adjustments or charges such as utility add to tax


24 - Arrears and Penalties

Remaining balance from prior years. The oldest year displayed will be subject to tax sale in the following year


25 - Balance Owing

Sum of the current taxes, arrears and credits. This amount is as at the date indicated, any subsequent penalties or transactions are not reflected

DO NOT PAY will be displayed when enrolled in the Tax Installment Payment Plan


26 - Due Date

Date when the balance owing is due, funds must be received by the City of Brandon by 5:00 P.M.


27 - Calculation Box

Summarized calculation of the taxes


28 - Important Messages

Messages to the property owner, please ensure you review this section


29 - Tax Installment Payment Plan

Recalculated payments effective July 15th for those enrolled in the plan

For more information on TIP, please visit: http://www.brandon.ca/taxes-assessments/tax-installment-plan


30 - Recalculated T.I.P.

Recalculated payments = Current Taxes – January to June payments / 6 (rounded up to nearest dollar)


31 - Remittance Stub

Portion of the bill that is returned with payment