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Eastview Landfill / Material Recovery Facility Tours

General Information

Facility tours are an excellent opportunity for schools and other organizations to visit the Eastview Landfill Site and the Material Recovery Facility, located on the same property, to observe the daily operations of the Sanitation Section.

Whether it be landfill staff hauling daily cover for the tipping face, turning compost and developing new landfill cells or collection staff delivering recyclable or garbage, MRF staff sorting recyclables and baling and loading trailers to send off to far away markets those taking in a tour will see the continuation of an object as it goes through its life cycle. Where it ends up is usually dependent on you the residents of the City of Brandon, whether that be at home or at work resident’s choices determine whether an item is buried in the landfill, never to be seen again or transported to another facility where it is processed into a raw material only to be produced into a totally new product where it will go through the life cycle process all over again. Click here to see what your products might be turned into.

Participation is not limited, however group sizes of 20 or less are best. We can plan for larger groups if necessary. Participants in the tour should wear proper attire, including long pants, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles. Skirts, shorts, tank tops and high heels are not appropriate attire.

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