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Functional Design of the Braecrest Drive Corridor


Purpose of the Study

The City of Brandon is working with WSP Canada Group Limited (WSP), a planning and engineering consulting firm, to develop a recommended design for the Braecrest Drive Corridor.

Braecrest Drive is an east-west roadway that services the North Hill neighbourhood, which is comprised of a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational uses. Braecrest Drive provides an important connection between 18th Street North and 1st Street North and carries vehicle traffic, public transit, and active transportation users to community destinations within the North Hill neighbourhood and to adjacent neighborhoods.

There are existing concerns regarding traffic, safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and travel speed along Braecrest Drive. There are also concerns regarding the unsignalized connections at 1st Street North and 18th Street North.

The study will provide recommendations to address existing challenges in the study. This may include:

    • Options to improve the operations of the 18th Street North and Braecrest Drive intersection;
    • Options to improve the operations of the 1st Street North and Braecrest Drive intersection;
    • Options to improve access into Assiniboine Community College;
    • Options to improve active transportation facilities in the study area;
    • Options to improve transit facilities in the study area; and
    • Other options as identified throughout the study


Study Area

18M 01581 00 Braecrest Map Simple REDUCED 181029

pdf Braecrest Map (6.34 MB)


Study Timeline


pdf Braecrest Timeline (477 KB)


Public Engagement

We want to hear from you!

We want to hear your feedback about existing transportation issues within the Braecrest Drive Corridor study area. Your feedback will be used to help develop conceptual design alternatives for the Braecrest Drive Corridor to improve operations.

Engaging the public is an important component of the Braecrest Drive Corridor Study and numerous opportunities for the public to share their input on the study will be provided. The public engagement process for the Braecrest Drive Corridor Study will:

    • Communicate information about the project;
    • Ask the public to help identify existing transportation and active transportation related issues and opportunities as they exist in the study area; and
    • Share and seek public input on conceptual design alternatives and the preferred design for the Braecrest Drive Corridor.


In November 2018, the project team asked community residents, municipal staff, and special interest groups to share their comments and concerns regarding existing roadways, active transportation facilities, and connections to transit facilities for the Braecrest Drive Corridor. We received feedback from 103 people through in-person meetings and an online survey. In addition, an interactive online map of the Braecrest Drive Corridor received 138 views, 33 comments, and 24 ‘pins’ identifying locations in the study area that function well, locations of caution/potential conflict, and/or locations of concern.

In February 2019, conceptual design options for the Braecrest Drive Corridor were presented to stakeholders and community residents for their feedback and comments. Approximately 161 individuals reviewed the conceptual designs and provided input. The feedback received helped inform the recommended design.


Public Open House

Please join us at an upcoming public open house to view the recommended design for the Braecrest Drive Corridor, speak with project team members, ask questions, and share your feedback.

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019

Time: 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Location: Grand Valley Church, 1620 Braecrest Drive, Brandon MB

Format: Drop-in anytime (come and go)

If you are unable to attend the public open house, a link to the presentation boards and comment sheet will available online following the public open house.


pdf Braecrest Open House Boards (8 MB)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of this project?

A. The purpose of this project is to identify a preferred design to improve traffic operations, access, transit service, and pedestrian and cyclist operations for the Braecrest Drive Corridor study area.


Q. When will the preferred design be constructed?

A. There is no anticipated construction date at this time. 


Q. Will pedestrian and cycling infrastructure be included in the plan?

A. Yes, opportunities for pedestrian and cycling improvements will be identified. This may include wider sidewalks, lighting, accessibility upgrades, new crossings and amenities. 


Q. How can I stay involved in the project?

A. Watch this page for updates on how to get involved in the public engagement process. If you would like to receive email notices about upcoming public engagement events please contact Erika Blackie at


Q. How were the conceptual design options identified?

A. The conceptual design options were developed to address existing issues along the Braecrest Drive Corridor. Using public feedback and technical information (i.e. existing and forecasted traffic volumes, roadway and intersection
spacing, roadway geometry, etc.), the project team identified design options which will help alleviate the existing issues and meet technical design standards.


Q. How will one design be selected out of the alternatives?

A. A preferred design alternative for the Braecrest Drive Corridor will be selected from the conceptual design options through an evaluation process. Each design option will be assessed against technical criteria and criteria identified
through public engagement.


Q. When will the preferred design be presented to the public?

A. The preferred design will be presented to the public in Spring 2019 at a public open house and on the project webpage.


Final Report

pdf Final Functional Design Report (24.56 MB)



Project Contact

Study Consultant: David Jopling, WSP, Public and Stakeholder Consultation Lead, 204-943-3178


City of Brandon: Sam van Huizen, Traffic & Transportation Planner, City of Brandon, 204-729-2105