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Development Permits

In an effort to improve service delivery Development Services is establishing a separate Development Permit for large residential and non-residential development.

What this means for you:

  • Currently the development (site) review is combined with the building review. This requires that all plans (site work and building) must be submitted at the same time.
  • Larger residential (two or more units) and non-residential (new construction) will now require separate development permits.
  • A separate development permit allows applicants to receive approval to start construction on a site prior to receiving approval to construct buildings on a site.
  • A separate development permit also speeds up the building review process as all site issues will be addressed under the development permit.
  • Development permits will be required prior to applying for a building permit. So get your site drawings (site plan, servicing plan, grading plan) done first.
  • Fees will be largely unchanged as building permit fees will decrease (no more urban design review fee) to account for the separate development permit fee.
  • All other fees and approvals which apply to a site will fall under the development permit (crossing deposit, lot grading deposit, driveway permit, lot grading permit, etc).
  • Development Permits will be implemented by February 2, 2018, so please provide us any comments or feedback before this date.


Development Services has created checklists to clarify requirements and a procedure to clarify the review, approval and inspection process:

pdf Development Permit Procedure (622 KB)

pdf Two Dwelling Units (2.36 MB)

pdf Non-Residential (3 MB)

pdf Multiple Dwelling Units (Three or More Dwelling Units) (3 MB)


For questions or comments contact Chief Planner Ryan Nickel at 204-729-2124 or