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Temporary Patios On City Property

Last updated March 2, 2022

Sidewalk and on-street patio no fees no cost


As temperatures warm up the City of Brandon is expanding support to local businesses by allowing patios on City property such as sidewalks and on-street parking spaces. This program has no fee payable to the City. All that is needed to apply is a site plan, your proof of insurance, and a signed declaration which is included in the application form.


Application Process

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. Create a site plan that meets the requirements as outlined on the PDF Icon application form (510 KB)
  3. Obtain proof of insurance
  4. The applicant and property owner sign the declaration
  5. Submit to the City of Brandon Development Services Division via email, online (application Type is "Building Non-Residential" and the nature of the work is "Temporary Building"), or in person at 638 Princess Ave (Entrance D)
  6. If you’re unsure about anything, please contact Svan Sinclair at 204-729-2154 or at


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there really no fee to apply?

Yes. There is no fee payable to the City of Brandon for temporary patio applications.

What are the insurance requirements?

$2,000,000 all-inclusive. Additional insurance related information can be found in Section 1 of the Temporary Patio Permit Application.

Can I set up umbrellas for my tables?

Yes. However tents, gazebos, and other structures are prohibited.

Do I need to build a fence?

A barrier is required if you are serving alcohol on the sidewalk, or creating a patio in an on-street parking area. The barrier does not need to be constructed with fencing material, it can be created with, for example, planters provided they are 3’-3” – 4’ in height.

Can I extend my patio in front of a neighbouring business?

Yes. Provided you obtain written permission from the property owner. When obtaining written permission to extend your patio in front of a neighbouring business please speak with the property owner not the building tenants. If applicable, consulting with impacted tenants is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Can I put a sign on my patio fence?

Yes. A non-illuminated applicant business name and logo may appear on fencing, but other banners and signs are prohibited for safety reasons.


Here is an example of an approved on-street patio from last year:

Here is an example of an approved on-street patio from last year

 Photo credit: