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The City of Brandon is working with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) on an Action Plan as part of a Housing Accelerator Fund application. The Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) is a federal program administered by CMHC that provides funding to local authorities, such as Brandon to incentivize and support initiatives that accelerate the development of housing.

Council Meeting to Initiate Actions

To be eligible for this funding, the City of Brandon is moving forward quickly with the actions, including zoning amendments, downtown market housing incentive, and affordable housing incentives (information below). If you are interested in a specific topic please reach out!


Initiative No. 1: Zoning Accelerated – Changes to zoning to allow for a greater variety of unit types in all areas of the city and reduced parking requirements.

PDF Icon Proposed Changes (35 KB)

PDF Icon Frequently Asked Questions (33 KB)

Zoning Amendment Application Page

Status: Public Hearing May 15, 2024

This Public Hearing will be hosted by The Planning Commission in Council Chambers at City Hall 410 9th Street. The meeting begins at 7pm (promptly) but doors will be open at 6pm. If you wish to speak please register to speak upon arrival. For more information about this hearing, or if you wish to register to attend virtually, please contact Senior Planner Andrew Mok at or Principal Planner Sonikile Tembo at

Contact: Principal Planner Sonikile Tembo at


Initiative No. 2: Housing Liaison - The liaison function will serve to foster relationships with both non-profit and for profit housing providers to meet strategic housing goals for affordable and downtown housing.

Status: Complete

Contact: Director of Planning & Buildings Ryan Nickel at


Initiative No 3 - Density Bonus -This initiative will incentivize the creation of smaller one bedroom units and affordable housing units.

Status: Public Hearing May 15, 2024 Zoning Amendment Application Page

Contact: Principal Planner Sonikile Tembo at


Initiative No. 4: Growing our Established Areas – New City Plan will identify policies and criteria to support intensification and increased density with consideration for proximity to transit, active transportation, greenspace, schools, commercial areas, institutions, and busy roadways.  

Info Link: City Plan Webpage

Status: First reading June 2024


Initiative No. 5: Housing Incentives

Establish new housing incentive by-laws to provide as of right tax off-setting grants and cash incentives for affordable housing throughout the city and market housing downtown.

Info Link: PDF Icon Downtown Incentive (757 KB)

Downtown Incentive Status: Second reading March 4, 2024 Second Reading Council Report

Affordable Incentive Status: Research and Development

Market Incentive Contact:

Executive Director of Downtown Development Corporation Emmanuel Ahaneku at

Affordable Incentive Contact

Community Housing and Wellness Programmer Amanda Dupuis at


Initiative No. 6: Development Charge Timing  

As part of the City's overall development charges update the timing of the development charge will be explored.

Status: New by-law to be adopted prior to 2025

Contact: Strategic Infrastructure


Initiative No. 7: Housing Land Assembly

The housing land assembly initiative will allow the City to increase our prioritization for land acquisition of lands for both affordable housing throughout the City and market housing downtown to align with our new housing incentive and accelerate growth in both these areas.

Status: Updated land transaction policy and priorities approved March 2024

Contact: Real Estate Coordinator Angie Robertson