We are currently accepting applications for the Home Buyers Program. The deadline to have your application submitted is by noon on October 15th, 2023.

The City of Brandon is pleased to offer the Brandon Homebuyer Assistance Program thanks to funding support from the Manitoba Government.

This program assists those who are eligible to become homeowners by providing funding equal to a 10% down payment and a portion of the associated closing costs by way of a forgivable loan.

The maximum forgivable loan for an approved applicant is $29,250 over a 5 year period.


1. Check the eligibility requirements
• Total household income (from all sources) does not exceed $84,600
• Have at least one dependent (other than a spouse) under the age of 22 (or under the age of 26 if a full-time student)
• Be a resident of Brandon for more than one year
• Receive a Mortgage Pre-Approval through a National Housing Act approved lender
• Assets must total less than $10,000 including cash, RRSPs or investments including out of country assets
• Must not currently be involved with any other homebuyer program
• Be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident

2. Obtain a mortgage pre-approval
• From a National Housing Act approved lender (bank or credit union).
• Without a guarantor or co-signor
• Let them know you are applying for the program. Ask them to assume you will have the 10% down payment through the program.
• When you make the appointment with them ask what documents you will be required to bring with you. Below are some commonly requested documents.
     • Confirmation of your income and/or employment earnings such as several most current pay stubs, one or two years of Income Tax “Notice of Assessment” papers from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), letter of employment
     • Name and address of employers for last 3 years
     • Your banking information (if at a different bank)
     • A list of assets and liabilities
     • Estimates for your monthly housing expenses, including utilities, car payments, loans, etc.

3. Schedule an in person consultation with us.
• To schedule a meeting call (204) 729-2120, or email housingandwellness@brandon.ca
• If you require interpretation services, please let us know when scheduling.\

4. Fill out and submit your application package
• Deadline is noon on October 16th, 2023.

5. If your application is approved, then you can go purchase a house!

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to:
Community Housing and Wellness Programmer
Amanda Dupuis
Phone: (204) 729-2120
Email: housingandwellness@brandon.ca