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Emergency Preparedness

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Purpose: To determine if a wireless siren system for emergency alerting is suitable and acceptable for Brandon.

Partners: Industry Canada, City of Brandon, Brandon Emergency Support Team, Community Advisory Committee for Emergency Preparedness, Acoustic Technology Inc., Probe Research, Manitoba Hydro, Brandon Regional Health Centre, Brandon School Division, Riding Mountain Broadcasting, Craig Broadcasting, Standard Radio, The Brandon Sun, The Wheat City Journal.

Equipment: A wireless radio activated system that includes a 1600 watt speaker station, a high intensity strobe light, a remote alerting device for key facilities (schools, hospital, etc), and a computer control station.

Cost: Financial contributions of approximately $170,000 are being provided by Industry Canada, City of Brandon, and B.E.S.T.. In addition to this, our partners are providing various in-kind contributions.

Long term vision: Our long term vision for public alerting sees a community that has the technological resources to notify each and every one of its citizens through a variety of means.

Public Involvement: Our citizens are an integral part of this project. They are partners in our emergency preparedness program and each have a vital role to play to protect everyone's safety.

Test Area: Eastern portion of Brandon(Green Acres and Riverview Wards)
1st Street to 17th Street East
Rosser Avenue to Richmond Avenue

Number of tests: 6 public siren activations, each followed by a public opinion survey. Several silent or chime test trials.

Expectations of public: When the siren is heard the public should tune into their local radio station for emergency broadcast information. People are expected to participate in public meetings and phone surveys.

Time Frame: Siren activations will take place between May and November of 2003. Activation times will vary from time of day and day of the week.

Surveys: 6 telephone surveys of residences and businesses conducted by Probe Research. Surveyours will contact approximately 250 people per siren activation.

Volunteers: The Brandon Emergency Alerting Project will depend on volunteer support to monitor the project, assist with information development, deliver information, collect sound level data, observe tests, be part of the project team.

Brandon Emergency Alert Project Reports:

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