Contact Information

Development Services

638 Princess Ave.
Brandon, MB R7A 0P3

Office Phone: 204-729-2110
Fax: 204-728-2406


Department Contacts

Mailing Addresses: 638 Princess Ave, Brandon MB R7A 0P3
Telephone: 204-729-2110
Fax: 204-728-2406


Director of Planning & Buildings Ryan Nickel 204-729-2124  


Planning Section

Chief Planner Ryan Nickel 204-729-2124
Senior Planner Andrew Mok 204-729-2115
Community Planner Shengxu Li 204-729-2117
Community Planner Bernice Leyeza 204-729-2113
Planning Technician Svan Sinclair 204-729-2154


Real Estate

Real Estate Coordinator Angie Robertson 204-729-2232
Real Estate Technician Tara Bender 204-729-2232


Building Safety Section

Building Safety Manager Murray Fischer 204-729-2151
Building Inspector Tegan Nagorski 204-729-2119
Building Inspector Randy Cumming 204-729-2123
Building Inspector Peter Garbutt 204-729-2175
Building Inspector Ian Murray 204-729-2196
Plumbing/Building Inspector Dean McBurney 204-729-2510 
Plumbing/Building Inspector Josh Cory 204-729-2122
Building Inspector Kurtis Quane 204-729-2120


Development Services Coordination

Development Services Coordinator Jennifer Houlihan 204-729-2116
Administration Barbara Patten 204-729-2214
Finance Tina Duncan 204-729-2219
Permits and Applications Joshua Miguel 204-729-2110 
Permits and Applications Natashia Marion 204-729-2111
Planning Technician Tyson Fisher 204-729-2118