Contact Information

Sanitation Landfill Site Address

765 33rd St E.
Brandon, MB R7A 7L2

Office Phone: 204-729-2281


Green Cart Signup


The Green Bin Pickup will begin April 20, 2021


Terms and Conditions


All participants must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. At this time there are no fees for participating in the Green Cart Program. It also currently is done on a voluntary basis.
  2. Each participating single-family dwelling unit and multi-family property with up to six (6) dwelling units will be entitled to receive one (1) green cart.
  3. Each green cart is to be provided by the City of Brandon to participants of the Green Cart Collection Program. The cart remains the property of the City of Brandon.
  4. Contamination of the green cart will result in two (2) warnings. On the third (3) instance, the Sanitation Section will retrieve the cart and participation in the program will be discontinued.
  5. Plastic bags are not allowed. Bagging is not required, however, compostable bags are recommended, as is the participant’s responsibility to keep their cart clean and free of odours.
  6. Participants will be asked to provide feedback to the City on this project to ensure continuous improvement and to assess future opportunities. Feedback may be gathered using; surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, etc.
  7. Carts must be removed from the collection point within twenty-four (24) hours of collection in accordance with by-law # 6965 of the City of Brandon.
  8. Compost bins are assigned to a person, not an address. If you move, please contact the sanitation section so the bin can be removed.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING GREEN BIN DELIVERY TO NEW PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS:The Sanitation Section will deliver green bins to new program participants in the order that the Green Cart Program registrations are received. Once the curbside collection of green bins commences (typically mid to late April), green bins will only be delivered to new program participants during the first week of every month.