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Green Cart FAQ

Q. What is the Green Cart Program?

A. The Green Cart Program allows residents to divert their organic waste from the landfill on a voluntary basis. Participants in the program receive a third cart with a green lid.


Q. Why should I participate in the Green Cart Program?

A. There are a number of environmental and economic benefits that come about as a result of a successful organic recycling program. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Processing a waste material to create a new usable and valuable end product that can be used within City operations and/or returned to residents of the City of Brandon for their use.
  2. It is estimated that 30% to 50% of the residential waste stream is organic in nature so removing this material will save valuable landfill space which is very costly to replace.
  3. The finished product is a soil amendment that helps improve soil quality by adding nutrients back into the soil.
  4. Organic decomposition is one of the leading causes of producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions so by diverting this waste from the landfill will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. For every tonne that is diverted residents of Brandon are saving $78 (2016)in landfill tipping fees.


Q. How many households are currently participating in the Green Cart Program?

A. As of the end of the 2015 collection period there was approximately 5,500 participating households.


Q. How much organic waste was diverted as a result of the Green Cart Program?

A. In 2015 the Green Cart program was successful in diverting close to 1,500 tonnes of food scraps and yard waste.


Q. What is the potential growth for the Green Cart Program?

A. The City currently services approximately 15,500 single family dwelling units and smaller multi-family properties so the potential for increasing our diversion rate is great if more household register for the program. At full participation based on an average diversion rate of 260 kgs over 4,000 tonnes of organic waste would be removed from the landfill on an annual basis.


Q. How are my yard trimmings collected?

A. Yard Trimmings are collected in your Green Cart, along with your food scraps, on a weekly basis during the scheduled collection period which April to November.


Q. What if one 95 Gallon cart isn’t enough for my weekly green waste?

A. If the property size is more than 15,000 sq. foot residents have the option to order an additional 95-gallon Green Cart. Please call 204-729-2281 for further information.


Q. Is there a way to help keep my Green Cart clean?

A. Absolutely! Please check the Green Cart Tip Sheet to determine the most effective ways to keep your Green Cart and Kitchen Catcher clean and free of odours.


Q. What do I do with my Green Cart when I move?

A. If you are moving within the City of Brandon, you can take the Green Cart to your new residence if you are continuing to receive refuse and recycling collection from the City of Brandon. Call sanitation at 204-729-2281 to report that you have moved. If your no longer receiving service from the City or your unsure, please contact the Sanitation Section at 204-729-2281 to have the cart picked up.


Q. What do I do with my excess material?

A. If you have more material than fits in your cart you have a few options. They are as follows:

  1. Save material for the next week’s collection day.
  2. Take any excess material to one of the yard waste depots located throughout the City.
  3. Take material directly to the Eastview Landfill Site.
  4. You can try backyard composting. See the information on the techniques for the proper composting process.


Q. What if I continuously have more material than my cart can handle what can I do?

A. As with the answer above you can take any excess material to the yard waste depots, take to the Eastview Landfill Site or try backyard composting. Another alternative offered for the green cart program is ordering a second cart.

This year with the switch to weekly collection of green carts throughout the entire collection period (April-Nov.) we are hoping to alleviate the potential for households to store material for extended periods of time.