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Green Cart Tips

  • With the collection of your green cart taking place weekly throughout the summer you can either put the cart out weekly or wait till the following week,
  • By wrapping food scraps in old newspaper you will trap the odours inside the paper reducing the chance for odours to be noticed by you and your neighbours,
  • To reduce odours:
    • Sprinkle small amounts baking soda, powdered garden lime, powdered laundry detergent (no bleach) in your cart.
  • Storing your Kitchen Catcher in a location that is easily accessible during meal preparations and clean-up will ensure optimal usage takes place.
  • Don’t forget to collect organic material from other rooms in your house such as your laundry room and/or bathroom(s). Facial tissue, toilet paper rolls, dryer lint, are just a few of the other items that can go in your green cart for collection.
  • Wash your Green Cart and Kitchen Catcher/pail with mild detergent or a vinegar/water solution immediately after collection or as required.
  • Fruit flies are more common during warmer weather and may appear around your kitchen catcher. Capture fruit flies with a bowl of vinegar covered with plastic wrap with several small holes in it. Empty as required.
  • If you notice maggots in your cart you can use the following methods to kill the maggots and fly eggs:
    • By pouring boiling water on them,
    • By sprinkling large amounts of salt on them,
    • Using a mild detergent with a fragrance, and
    • By cleaning your cart as soon as it has been emptied
  • Store your green cart outside in a convenient location for you and,
  • When not in use always keep the Green Cart lid closed
  • To help with the dumping process
    • Place some cardboard at the bottom of the cart so that grass and other organic material do not stick,
    • When placing cart out at edge of curb or laneway for collection dump an ice cream size pail of water around the edge of cart to help loosen material.
    • Alternate layers of kitchen waste with dry yard waste
    • When you have excess material (leaves and garden waste) allow material to dry before placing in cart. This will ensure material does not stick to the outside of cart.