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Jim Murray

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Name:  Jim Murray

Address: 15 Canada Crescent

Phone:   204-725-8300

Occupation:  Owner/Manager Hair Today Mall Barbers

Why Are You Running For School Trustee?

Having served as a trustee for many years now has instilled in me a deep and passionate appreciation for education. My wife Margaret and I have had 3 sons and four granddaughters pass through our system and currently have five grandchildren in BSD. I still have a desire to serve my community and a commitment to ensure that our school system is doing all it can to meet the needs of all learners. We also have the responsibility to ensure that the resources are available to allow us to properly staff our schools and maintain funding for very valuable local programming. Our system has been through much in the past few years and I’m sure we face many more challenges ahead. The next board will undoubtably face a new version of Bill 64 and we must make sure that it is done with open dialog and input from all stakeholders and with respect to the people in our system and the work they do.  I believe that I have the experience, knowledge, and energy to continue to move this division forward and to ensure that our locally elected school board can continue to serve our community. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the people of Brandon in this capacity. I look forward to the work the board will do in the next four years