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Delvina Kejick

20221005 112240

Name:  Delvina Kejick

Address:  659 - 15th Street

Phone:  204-730-4809

Occupation: Elder/knowledge keeper in the clinicians department of Turning Leaf Services, providing person-centered, crisis and treatment to low and high-risk vulnerable and marginalized persons. 

I am a Cree woman, mother, grandmother who has lived in and around Brandon over 40 years, but originally from Fisher River Reservation.

I raised my 6 children in BSD,  12 foster children, both longterm and short term, along with grandchildren now attending. 

My studies, work and passion have been in areas of theology, Social services, education and Inter-cultural studies and policy. 

For 24 years I loved working in BSD FT as support staff and then Project Lead engaging parents, grandparents,  staff and community in areas of inclusion, indigenous culture (in class, land-based and events) including 14 years of weekly powwow nights at New Era School. 

I have volunteered with many organizations, and committees over the years. 

Because of my passion I have put myself out there to run for varied governing boards running for City Council, unsuccessfully but a very learning experience and as BSD Trustee successfully, along with being appointed to the  Premieres Advisory Council 2009_2016, not due to political beliefs but more of a valued skill set. 

Our views and beliefs are often shaped by our lived experience and relationships. As a Indigenous woman, part of 60s scoop and fitting into the vulnerable person's sect and  being part of two worlds all my life the knowledge, skills and lived experience within all that gives me a unique perspective that can contribute to a deeper understanding and contribution as a trustee if I am re-elected.

My focus will continue to be:

  • Building Inclusiveness and engagement engagement of grassroots community 
  • Safety and support for Staff and students
  • Quality education that meets the varied needs of students of learning styles, physical and mental well-being.
  • Being a consistent voice of your concerns, ideas, and solutions.
  • TRC Calls to Action on education
  • Learn alongside our growing diverse community 

Humbly asking for your vote for Re-Election on Wednesday October 26th, 2022.