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Chyrel Young

Name:   Chyrel Young

Address: 2 Bullrush Bay

Why are you running for School Trustee?

I worked at a medical clinic between having children.  I now work as an on call for Golden Oak Naturalpathic Clinic.

I have read the package given to me, been to two school board meetings and joined a zoom information meeting. So interesting and makes me want to learn more.
Job of the trustees are very important. Their first priority is the children. They deal with over two billion dollars a year.

Important things to me are Covid rules, getting children caught up after school closures, masks. Food available in schools and two busy school crossings on Richmond Avenue.

A trustee does not work alone, they are a team. But they each get a vote. For that reason I would like to sit around the table to learn and work toward goals
Statistics show less than 50% voter turnout. These are our children.  We need to be involved. Please ask questions.  Please vote.