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Calistus Ekenna

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Name:  Calistus Ekenna

Address: 22 Wellington Drive

Phone:  204-333-5488

Occupation:  Social Worker

Why Are You Runnning for School Trustee?

I moved to Brandon more than a decade ago with my wife and three children, who are all schooling in Brandon. I earned a Master of Social Work, 2015 at the University of Manitoba. Having registered with Manitoba College of Social Workers, I have continuously exercised across Brandon and abroad my passion for social work and volunteerism for a safer and better community.  My involvement in many agencies and community organizations over the years, many of which were Child Welfare Agencies, newcomers’ integration services agencies, Brandon Correction Centre among others would provide me with unique perspective as a Trustee.

I am seeking re-election as School Board Trustee, driven by the zeal as we work together to further raise the education standard in our Division.

Our top priorities include:

1.  Quality EDUCATION. Continue to raise standard with a focus on competitive skills, diversity, and Canadian values that reflect Canada International Education Strategy. Make Brandon an excellent place for open and quality education.

2.   Working together in real inclusive MANNER. We will continue to work to help strengthen our stakeholder groups to continue building a harmonious school system and community.

3.   As an ADDICTION coordinator for 4 years, we will smoothly contribute to advance the work of the Brandon Community Drug and Alcohol Education Coalition sub-committee to promote prevention and safeguard our students in a post pandemic era.

I am humbly asking for your vote so as we can work together towards qualitative, inclusive and competitive education for the betterment of our children.

Please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email if you would like to talk personally