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Breeanna Sieklicki


Name:  Breeanna Sieklicki

Address: 85 Memorial Crescent Brandon, MB


Phone: 204-596-5719

Occupation: Children’s Book Author, Red Seal Carpenter, Stay-at-home Mom

Why Are You Running For School Trustee?

I care deeply about education and our children’s future.  As an elected trustee for the BSD, I will ensure that every child is given the best opportunity and equal opportunity within the division. A great education starts at home with parental involvement, and is then followed up with our wonderful teachers.

 I will ensure that education is focused on the fundamentals and giving our students the best opportunity to succeed once completed grade 12. This includes making sure our teachers are equipped with the tools and resources needed for a successful education.

I will remain dedicated to expanding the many different educational opportunities currently offered by BSD. This includes, but is not limited to, École Harrison’s French immersion program, St. Augustine school’s parochial program, along with BSD’s many opportunities working with post-secondary schools. I will look for ways to make these programs and others available to all students, while utilizing fiscal restraint to ensure expenditures remain low.

Schools are not a place for partisan politics, but rather for focusing on the success of our children, and that is what I will do. Education does not stop at grade 12, and I will ensure our children have the best possible start.