Brandon Votes

Bonnie-Lynn Mills


Name:  Bonnie-Lynn Mills

Address:  12 Premier Avenue

Phone:  204-573-3932

Occupation: Community Engagement Manager, Habitat for Humanity

Why Are You Running For School Trustee?

I believe that our education system is the key for developing well rounded confident and innovative adults for the future. As a former Childcare Centre Director, and currently employed as the Community Engagement Manager for Habitat for Humanity, I am passionate about education, our community, working with families.  As a Brandon area resident for the past 18 years, I am dedicated to serving our community, the students along with their families and the staff of the Brandon School Division. 

As an elected Trustee, my focus will be:

  • Active engagement within schools and classrooms to observe and experience firsthand classroom settings
  • Working as a team to develop policies that support students through inclusion, innovation, wellbeing and collaboration
  • Ensuring financial responsibility through accountability and transparency.
  • Ensuring we serve the best educational interest of all students by providing necessary supports and resources
  • Ensuring student and staff mental health and well being
  • Working with all stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement