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Shawn Berry

Name:  Shawn Berry

Address: 75 Wascana Drive 

Why Are You Running for City Council?

My name is Shawn Berry and I have been the City Councillor for Ward 7 (Linden Lanes Ward) for the past 12 years. I am running for this position again in the upcoming Municipal election with the vote to be held on October 26th.

I have been a resident of Brandon for almost my entire life and a  resident of the Ward I represent for just under 40 years. Many changes have taken place in our little corner of the City over the past years and I'm proud to have been a part of the change in representing the citizens of Ward 7 at the City Council table during this time. While we've seen much growth and change in our area, the potential for plenty more development to come in the in the South West area of Brandon is definitely on the radar.

With my 12 years experience at the Council table representing both my Ward residents and residents of the entire City, many lessons have been learned. There has been many positive decisions made for our City as well as some that when looking in the rear view mirror, did not have the desired outcomes as first thought. In moving forward,  I plan on using those experiences in forming the best decisions possible for all citizens of Brandon based on information and circumstances that are presented to us at the Council table. Many of the issues I feel we still need to improve on and deal with are continued development for the City to grow it's tax base, community safety in all areas and aspects of Brandon, overland flooding and land drainage problems, expanding our recreation and leisure footprint in the City and keeping taxes as reasonable as possible while trying to achieve our goals and strategic plan for Brandon in the coming years.  The next 4 years will certainly challenge those that are chosen to sit around the Council table but with the work and co-operation between Council members, City Administration and the community in general, we will be able to meet and resolve these challenges head on.