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Quentin Derhak

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Name:  Quentin Derhak

Address: 11 Christie Bay

Phone Number: 204-730-0039

Occupation: Realtor and Barber

Why Are You Running For City Council?

I'm the lucky husband to Kelsey, and the proud father of our son Gauge (8), and our daughter Beau (7). 

When I was 12, my parents Royal and Rose moved our family here from Dauphin. In my small town eyes, Brandon was very much "the city".  There were so many people and opportunities! I even got my first job at The Roll n' Pin as a dishwasher before turning 13.

Living in the West end, I attended Vincent Massey where I was able to not only play football but also make lifelong friends. Many of them thrive in Brandon and raise their families here today.  After graduation, I eventually found my calling as a barber, and have spent over 23 years behind the chair. I also became a real estate agent in 2020, but never put my tools down. I operate a private barbershop at our home where I continue to serve my clients. 

Relationships that develop with everyone who sits in my chair genuinely connect me with people from virtually every walk of life in our city. The conversations about everything from work, family life, sports, and our city are authentic in a barbershop. Nothing is off the table. Sometimes three or four people would be offering their thoughts from across the room on any given topic.

Those conversations and relationships are a big part of what fueled my desire to run for a seat on Brandon's city council. It's an opportunity to take those years of listening and sharing ideas and do something with that knowledge. 

Taking what I've learned, and doing my part to help ensure our Brandon is a city where accountability and common sense are paramount. 

A proactive Brandon, with growth and opportunities where our kids will look forward to raising their children.