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Franco Chartier

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Name:  Franco Chartier

Address: 1010 Russell Street


Phone Number: 204-720-7833

Why Are You Running for City Council?

Thank-you for the opportunity to introduce myself.  I have decided to run for council in Brandon Green Acres ward (soon to transition to Ward 10).  I feel I am ready to represent Ward 10 and our growing city.

I have lived in the Green Acres area for over a decade while my wife has lived here for much of her life.  We are proud to be members of this community.

My career on the front lines of health care has been very rewarding, and has also given me skills that I believe will carry over working as a city councillor.  A clear line of communication is needed.  Following safe practices and working as part of a team is essential.

If elected, I will strive to listen to individual's concerns and work to address them to the best of my abilities.  I would like to work on strategies to make our streets and neighbourhoods safe for all, address infrastructure needs and be a representative for our ward.