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Ben Welsh

Ben Welsh

Name:  Ben Welsh

Address:  1036 Russell Street

Phone:  204-818-6133

Occupation:  Education and Training Coordinator

Why Are You Running for City Council?

The privilege of running for Council is something I respect and honour. It’s a duty that involves a lot of listening but also strategic thought and action.

Many residents in Ward 10, myself included, have hopes and beliefs that our city and neighborhoods can continue to be great and offer a connection to something larger than ourselves.

As an elected representative I will act on behalf of people to ensure that the inevitability of change doesn’t disrespect or undermine the hard work that has made a good quality of life and a thriving city possible.

We have challenges too and I take heart in knowing I can be an advocate for new partnerships, making connections where needed most, and helping people feel valued and part of a city that is ready for social, environmental, and fiscal challenges coming our way from larger forces around the globe.

We can make a difference together. We can reduce struggle, shame and insecurity while embracing change.

We can maintain taxes to support public programs while increasing efficiencies to reduce expenses.

We can build a stronger culture of respect and diversity that honours all people and make sure Brandon stays great for everyone.